Rutherford hypothesizes atomic nucleus
  • 1. Who proposed the model of the atomic nucleus?
A) J.J. Thomson
B) Marie Curie
C) Ernest Rutherford
D) Niels Bohr
  • 2. In Rutherford's model, most of the atom's mass is concentrated in the _________.
A) valence electrons
B) electron cloud
C) orbital shells
D) nucleus
  • 3. Which experiment led Rutherford to propose the atomic nucleus?
A) Oil drop experiment
B) Photoelectric effect experiment
C) Cathode ray tube experiment
D) Gold foil experiment
  • 4. The nucleus of an atom contains _________.
A) electrons and positrons
B) photons and neutrinos
C) protons and neutrons
D) quarks and leptons
  • 5. What does the number of protons in the nucleus determine for an element?
A) valence electrons
B) atomic number
C) isotopic mass
D) atomic mass
  • 6. Which subatomic particle is not found in the nucleus according to Rutherford's model?
A) protons
B) electrons
C) neutrons
D) quarks
  • 7. What properties of an atom are determined by the arrangement of electrons in the electron cloud?
A) nuclear properties
B) chemical properties
C) mass properties
D) thermal properties
  • 8. The concept of isotopes can be explained by the presence of _________ in the nucleus.
A) antiprotons
B) neutrons
C) positrons
D) muons
  • 9. The stability of a nucleus is influenced by the balance between ________ and ________.
A) strong nuclear force, electromagnetic force
B) electric force, magnetic force
C) centrifugal force, frictional force
D) gravity, weak nuclear force
  • 10. The total number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus is referred to as the ________ number.
A) mass
B) charge
C) atomic
D) elemental
  • 11. Which type of radiation is stopped by a thin sheet of paper?
A) beta
B) alpha
C) neutron
D) gamma
  • 12. What is the process by which a nucleus splits into smaller fragments called?
A) alpha decay
B) beta decay
C) nuclear fusion
D) nuclear fission
  • 13. Which nuclear reaction powers the sun and other stars?
A) alpha decay
B) beta decay
C) nuclear fusion
D) nuclear fission
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