Kenniston Geometry unit 5
  • 1. A polygon with four sides and four angles is called:
A) a vertex
B) an angle
C) a triangle
D) a quadrilateral
E) a pentagon
  • 2. Two lines that intersect at right angles are called:
A) transversal
B) perpendicular
C) vertex
D) edges
E) parallel
  • 3. We measure angles in:
A) vertex
B) acute
C) degrees
D) protractor
E) inches
  • 4. The measurements of ALL of the angles of a triangle will ALWAYS equal:
A) 90 degrees
B) 360 degrees
C) 180 degrees
D) 270 degrees
E) the same
  • 5. A right angle measures
A) 45 degrees
B) a right triangle
C) 360 degrees
D) 180 degrees
E) 90 degrees
  • 6. two rays that share a vertex is called:
A) a double ray
B) an angle
C) a polygon
D) a quadrilateral
E) a line segment
  • 7. The sum of the angles of a quadrilateral ALWAYS equal:
A) 480 degrees
B) 180 degrees
C) 360 degrees
D) 90 degrees
E) 270 degrees
  • 8. two angles that have a common side (are right next to each other) are called:
A) right
B) supplementary
C) opposite
D) vertical
E) adjacent
  • 9. A line that crosses two parallel lines is called:
A) a transversal
B) an angle
C) a polygon
D) a line segment
E) a quadrilateral
  • 10. A straight path between two points (a line that has a specific beginning and endpoint) is called:
A) a ray
B) a line segment
C) an angle
D) a line
E) a polygon
  • 11. Lines that cross or meet are called:
A) parallel lines
B) transversals
C) rays
D) adjacent lines
E) intersecting lines
  • 12. Two angles that have a sum of 90 degrees are called:
A) rays
B) complementary
C) adjacent
D) supplementary
E) right angles
  • 13. What is the definition of a line?
  • 14. What term means the same thing as opposite angles?
A) vertical angles
B) adjacent angles
C) parallel angles
D) supplementary angles
E) line segments
  • 15. A hexagon has how many sides?
A) 5
B) 1
C) 8
D) 4
E) 6
  • 16. A quadrilateral is also called?
A) a right angle
B) a triangle
C) a square
D) a quadrangle
E) a polygon
  • 17. Which type of triangle has 3 sides that are equal in length?
A) isosceles
B) diamond
C) equilateral
D) scalene
E) right
  • 18. a polygon that has 2 sets of parallel sides is called?
A) a square
B) a parallelogram
C) a cube
D) a quadrangle
E) a rectangle
  • 19. Which of these is not a parallelogram?
A) a rhombus
B) a rectangle
C) a kite
D) square
  • 20. An angle that measures less than 90 degrees is called
A) right angle
B) supplementary
C) adjacent
D) obtuse
E) acute
  • 21. a straight angle measures?
A) a line
B) 90 degrees
C) more than 360 degrees
D) 45 degrees
E) 180 degrees
  • 22. a nonagon has how many sides?
A) 9
B) none
C) as many as you want to draw
D) 100
E) ten
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