The Vibrant Culture of Istanbul
  • 1. What is the historic area in Istanbul known for its magnificent mosques and bazaars?
A) Taksim Square
B) Sultanahmet
C) Galata Tower
D) Istiklal Avenue
  • 2. Which structure in Istanbul offers panoramic views of the city and the Bosphorus Strait?
A) Grand Bazaar
B) Basilica Cistern
C) Spice Bazaar
D) Galata Tower
  • 3. What traditional sweet dessert is popular in Istanbul, made from layers of filo pastry, nuts, and honey?
A) Lokma
B) Sütlaç
C) Künefe
D) Baklava
  • 4. Which ancient underground water reservoir was used as a setting in famous movies like 'Inferno' and 'From Russia with Love'?
A) Galata Tower
B) Basilica Cistern
C) Topkapi Palace
D) Hagia Sophia
  • 5. What is the popular traditional Turkish street food made with seasoned meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie?
A) Doner kebab
B) Börek
C) Köfte
D) Pilav
  • 6. Which traditional Turkish art form involves decorating pottery by using bright metallic colors?
A) Çini
B) Miniature
C) Iznik tiles
D) Ebru
  • 7. Which famous Turkish composer was born and raised in Istanbul, known for his blend of Western classical music with traditional Turkish elements?
A) Neyzen Tevik
B) Fazıl Say
C) Ahmet Adnan Saygun
D) Ulvi Cemal Erkin
  • 8. What significant event took place in Istanbul on May 29, 1453?
A) Construction of the Blue Mosque
B) Publishing of the first Ottoman book
C) Opening of the Grand Bazaar
D) Fall of Constantinople
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