Ch. 7 Vocabulary Quiz Wednesday
  • 1. Decomposers are organisms that get energy...
A) By making their own food from the sun.
B) By going to the grocery store and shopping for food.
C) By breaking down the remains of dead organisms.
  • 2. Energy pyramids show how energy moves through an ecosystem. Which is true about energy pyramids?
A) The amount of energy is highest at the bottom of the pyramid.
B) The amount of energy is highest in the middle of the pyramid.
C) The amount of energy is highest at the top of the pyramid.
  • 3. Competition is...
A) The way that animals mate with one another.
B) A term scientists use that shows that organisms are getting along in an environment.
C) The struggle among organisms to survive in a habitat with limited resources.
  • 4. Symbiosis is a close, long term relationship between organisms that benefit at least one of the organisms. Which type of symbiotic relationship happens when one organisms is helped and the other is harmed.
A) Commensalism
B) Parasitism
C) Mutualism
  • 5. An example of a parasite could be...
A) Fungus on a beetle bug.
B) Feathers on a bird fluffing up in the wind.
C) An apple growing from a tree.
  • 6. In a parasitic relationship, the host is...
A) Helped
B) Harmed
  • 7. Succession is a series of changes that takes place in an ecosystem. These changes of succession occur...
A) Rapidly
B) Never
C) Slowly
  • 8. From the reading yesterday, why can zebras and wildebeests live together without competition?
A) Zebras eat tall grass and wildebeests eat short grass
B) Wildebeests don't eat grass so the zebras can have it all
C) Zebras don't eat grass so the wildebeests can have it all
  • 9. Which of these animals is the predator? Owl and rabbit.
A) Rabbit is predator
B) Owl is predator
  • 10. Why would it be a bad idea for a parasite to kill its host?
A) Because the parasite depends on its host for its needs.
B) It wouldn't be a bad a idea for a parasite to kill its host.
C) Because the parasite should probably die on its own.
  • 11. If Mrs. Welser brings 7 bags of hot cheetos to class and says that the first ones to the table get to have them, there will most likely be this...
A) No one would touch them
B) Everyone getting along
C) Competition
D) Comparison
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