Henry VIII
  • 1. Who was Henry VIII's first wife?
A) Anne of Cleves
B) Jane Seymour
C) Anne Boleyn
D) Catherine of Aragon
  • 2. What year did Henry VIII become King of England?
A) 1521
B) 1547
C) 1485
D) 1509
  • 3. How many wives did Henry VIII have?
A) 4
B) 2
C) 3
D) 6
  • 4. Which Act stripped the Catholic Church of power in England and made the king the head of the church?
A) Act of Supremacy
B) Act of Succession
C) Act of Reformation
D) Act of Union
  • 5. Who was Henry VIII's only male heir?
A) Edward VI
B) Elizabeth I
C) Mary I
D) Henry FitzRoy
  • 6. Which of Henry VIII's wives outlived him?
A) Anne Boleyn
B) Catherine Parr
C) Catherine Howard
D) Jane Seymour
  • 7. Who was Henry VIII's older brother who briefly became king?
A) Richard
B) Arthur
C) George
D) Edward
  • 8. Which of Henry VIII's wives was known for her beauty and charm?
A) Catherine Parr
B) Jane Seymour
C) Anne Boleyn
D) Catherine of Aragon
  • 9. What was the name of the son Henry VIII had with his third wife Jane Seymour?
A) James
B) Arthur
C) Henry
D) Edward
  • 10. Where is Henry VIII buried?
A) Westminster Abbey
B) St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle
C) Tower of London
D) Canterbury Cathedral
  • 11. What title did Pope Leo X award Henry VIII before his break from the Roman Catholic Church?
A) Guardian of the Flock
B) Defender of the Faith
C) Shepherd of the Faithful
D) Holy Protector
  • 12. What was the name of Anne Boleyn's daughter who later became Queen of England?
A) Elizabeth I
B) Jane Seymour
C) Catherine of Aragon
D) Mary I
  • 13. Which wife of Henry VIII bore him his only male heir?
A) Catherine Howard
B) Anne Boleyn
C) Anne of Cleves
D) Jane Seymour
  • 14. What was the name of the war that Henry VIII waged against France in the 1540s?
A) Rough Wooing
B) Hundred Years' War
C) War of the Roses
D) Spanish Armada
  • 15. Who was Henry VIII's favorite sister?
A) Margaret Tudor
B) Mary Tudor
C) Elizabeth Tudor
D) Anne Tudor
  • 16. Which English parliament was known for rejecting Henry VIII's requests for funding?
A) The Rump Parliament
B) The Long Parliament
C) The Reformation Parliament
D) The Addled Parliament
  • 17. At what age did Henry VIII die?
A) 48
B) 55
C) 64
D) 60
  • 18. Who was Henry VIII's chief minister and close advisor for much of his reign?
A) Thomas Wolsey
B) Thomas Cromwell
C) Thomas Cranmer
D) Thomas More
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