Gearbox Lubrication Systems
  • 1. Which of the following would be a common type of lubricant used in gearbox lubrication systems?
A) Wine
B) Gear oil
C) Gasoline
D) Water
  • 2. What happens if a gearbox is not properly lubricated?
A) Quieter operation
B) Improved efficiency
C) Increased friction and wear on gears leading to potential damage
D) Increased speed
  • 3. Which component of a gearbox lubrication system is responsible for distributing the lubricant to various parts of the gearbox?
A) Gear shaft
B) Cooling fan
C) Oil pump
D) Bearing
  • 4. Which of the following is a common method of lubricating gears in a gearbox?
A) Splash lubrication
B) Blowing air
C) Using sand
D) Applying heat
  • 5. Which type of lubricant is more commonly used in high-performance gearboxes?
A) Synthetic lubricants
B) Motor oil
C) Vegetable oil
D) Diesel fuel
  • 6. Which of the following problems can result from using the wrong type of lubricant in a gearbox?
A) Faster speed
B) Increased wear, overheating, and potential damage to the gearbox
C) Improved performance
D) Quieter operation
  • 7. What is the purpose of a breather in a gearbox lubrication system?
A) To release a pleasant aroma
B) To increase the flow rate
C) To make the gearbox more colorful
D) To allow for expansion and contraction of the lubricant due to temperature changes
  • 8. What is the purpose of adding additives to gearbox lubricants?
A) To enhance the lubricant's performance and protect the gearbox under various conditions
B) To make the lubricant less effective
C) To change the color of the lubricant
D) To make the lubricant smell better
  • 9. Which method of gearbox lubrication involves spraying a mist of fine oil droplets into the gearbox enclosure?
A) Mist lubrication
B) Drip feed lubrication
C) Splash lubrication
D) Force feed lubrication
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