• 1. 1.) Criminal law must give a specific definition that would constitute the offense. What characteristic of criminal law suggests this statement?
A) criminal law is specific and definite
B) criminal law must be prospective
C) Wala
D) criminal law is uniform in application
E) criminal law must be general in application
  • 2. 2.) These are person who earn their living through criminal activity.
A) professional criminal
B) professional criminal
C) habitual criminals
D) Wala
E) all of these
  • 3. 3.) Determined as a person responsible le for the commission of an offense by the respectable court of the country.
A) Non of these
B) none of these
C) offender
D) criminal
E) inmates
  • 4. 4.)This definition states that a person is considered a criminal once he committed any anti social act.
A) common sense
B) five senses
C) legal sense
D) None of these
E) criminological sense
  • 5. 5.) Criminals classified on the basis on behavioral system characterized by having limited skills to perform criminal activity that sometimes causes to immediate apprehension.
A) chronic criminal
B) habitual criminal d
C) professional criminal
D) ordinary criminal
E) None
  • 6. 6.) They are those criminal whos not actually a criminal but in trouble with authorities.
A) all of these
B) Chronic
C) situational criminal
D) professional criminal
E) None
  • 7. 7.)Criminals who commit crime because of inducement are categorized at what type of criminal on the basis of mental attitude?
A) socialized
B) None
C) accidental
D) situational
E) passive inadequate
  • 8. 8.)In legal sense, who among these people is criminal?
A) None
B) . person fined because of jaywalking
C) person convicted in New Bilibid Prison
D) person accused of rape
E) person detained in jail
  • 9. 9.) Criminals who commit crimes because of the unexpected circumstances.
A) situational criminal
B) None
C) accidental criminals
D) normal criminals
E) ulukan
  • 10. 10.) Criminal is any person who has been found to have committed a wrongful act in the course of the standard judicial processes.
A) habitual criminals
B) in legal sense
C) in psychological sense
D) None
E) in criminological sense
  • 11. 11.) Cyril Burt defined this person as the offender with deficiency in his primitive emotion of love and an excess of the instinct of hate.
A) Immature type
B) Mature type
C) Callous type
D) Sadist type
E) Criminals
  • 12. 12.) Who among the personalities in the study of criminology claimed that crime is an expression of the mental content of an individual?
A) Bromberg
B) Cyril burt
C) Abrahamsen
D) Healy
E) Aichorn
  • 13. 13.) What approach deals on the study of groups, social processes and institution as influences to behavior of criminal?
A) Subjective approach
B) Objectives approach
C) None
D) Socio-cultural approach
E) Contemporary approach
  • 14. 14.)Who coined the formula, criminal behavior equals criminalistics tendencies plus crime inducing situation, divided by the person mental or emotional resistance to temptation?
A) Aichorn
B) Moron
C) Cyril burt
D) Abrahamsen
E) Bromberg
  • 15. 15.)A mental deficiency which makes a person incapable of managing themselves and their mentality is that of a child 2 to 7 years of age.
A) Feeble mindedness
B) Moron
C) Epileptics
D) Imbeciles
E) Idiots
  • 16. 16.) All but one is the temperaments associated to its different types of body physique by William Sheldon?
A) Cerebrotonic
B) Somatotonic
C) Visceratonic
D) Romotonic
E) Somatotonic
  • 17. 17.) A person who stated that criminality is a result of emotional immaturity.
A) Aichorn
B) Bromberg
C) Abrahamsen
D) Healy
E) Cyril burt
  • 18. 18.)The compulsive desire to sets fire is called _____________.
A) Homicidal compulsion
B) None
C) Kleptomania
D) Pyremania
E) Dipsomania
  • 19. 19.)What month of year considered as the peak season in terms of recorded crimes committed against person.
A) June
B) December
C) May
D) July
E) April
  • 20. 20.)Stated the cause of delinquency is the faulty development of the child during the first few years of his life.
A) Cyril burt
B) Abrahamsen
C) Bromberg
D) Healy
E) Aichorn
  • 21. 21.)Which theory of crime causation suggested that a man is essentially a moral creature with absolute free will to choose between good and evil?
A) Classical theory
B) Pleasure and plain theory
C) Conflict theory
D) None
E) Positivist theory
  • 22. 22.)The year season of highly recorded crimes against person is
A) Winter
B) Summer
C) Rainy season
D) May
E) Northpole
  • 23. 23.)The compulsive desire to drink alcohol.
A) Homicidal complusion
B) None
C) Pyromania
D) Dipsomania
E) Kleptomania
  • 24. 24.)Mild or incomplete loss of consciousness and contraction of muscles.
A) None
B) Petil mal
C) Seizure
D) Jackonism type
E) Epeliptic
  • 25. 25.) The uncontrollable desire to do something.
A) Schizophrenia
B) Epeliptic
C) Compulsive neurosis
D) Mental disorder
E) Neurosis
  • 26. 26.)It is the study of crimes and criminals in response to public demand and their struggle to prevent or repress the commission of such crime.
A) Criminal sociology
B) Criminal demography
C) Criminal ecology
D) Criminology
E) Crim
  • 27. 27.)More crime of violence are recorded in ___________________ that hilly rugged terrain.
A) Level lands
B) Fertile lands
C) In any of these
D) All of these
E) Fertile level lands
  • 28. 28.) Localized contraction of muscles with or without loss of consciousness.
A) Petit mal
B) Jackonism type
C) Grand mal
D) Epeliptic
E) Seizure
  • 29. 29.)The following are factors affecting the development and existence of crimes and criminality EXCEPT:
A) Anthropological factors
B) Biological factors
C) Psychological factors
D) None of these
E) Geographical factor
  • 30. 30.) It is characteristics by infantile level of response, lack of conscience, deficient feeling of affection to others and aggression to environment and other people.
A) Schizophrenic personality
B) None of this
C) Compulsive neurosis
D) Phsychopatic personality
E) Wala nga dito
  • 31. 31.) Which among the explanation of criminal behavior explained by Healy?
    a. criminal behavior is a result of early pregnancy
A) Criminals behavior is a result of faulty development of the child in the last year
B) Criminal behavior is a result of frustration Of men
C) Goodluck
D) Criminal behavior is a result of faulty of development of the child in the last few year s
E) All of these
  • 32. 32.) According to dexter,it affects the emotional state of an individual that leads to fighting and number of arrest
A) Humidity
B) Temperature
C) Wind velocity
D) Soil information
E) Goodluck
  • 33. 33.) person whose mentaly may be compared to that 2 years old child
A) Idiot
B) Ego
C) Goodluck
D) Feeble-mindedness
E) Epeliptics
  • 34. 34.) Mental disturbance which sometimes called as dementia praecox
A) Neurosis
B) Schizophrenia
C) Goodluck😘
D) Epeliptic
E) Mental disorder
  • 35. 35.) Anna's temperament is cerebrotonic according to sheldon,this only means that annas's body builds is
A) Pyknic type
B) Esthenic type
C) Endomorphic
D) Ectomorphic
E) Mesomorphic
  • 36. 36.) Criminal behavior =Criminal tendency+crime inducing situations,divided by persons memtal and emotional resistance to temptation
A) Goodluck
B) Goodluck
C) Goodluck
D) Goodluck
E) Abrahamsen
  • 37. 37.) Conscience of man
A) 🤍
B) Super ego
C) 🤍
D) 🤍
E) 🤍
  • 38. 36.) Person with mental capability
A) 🤍
B) 🤍
C) Idiots
D) 🤍
E) 🤍
  • 39. 37.) Wayward youth
A) 🤍
B) 🤍
C) 🤍
D) Aichorn
E) 🤍
  • 40. 38.) The reality principle
A) 🤍
B) 🤍
C) 🤍
D) 🤍
E) Ego
  • 41. 39.) Person with metal capability compared to 2-7 ywars old
A) 🤍
B) 🤍
C) 🤍
D) Imbeciles
E) 🤍
  • 42. 40.)Romotonic Ans.mesomorphic
  • 43. 41.)Ectomorphic Ans.Cerebrotonic
  • 44. 42.)The pleasure principle Ans. id
  • 45. 43.) The strong and muscular Ans.Atlethic type
  • 46. 44.) viscerotonic Ans.Individual dilinquency
  • 47. 45.) Endomorphic Ans.Visceratonic
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