ALG 1A - Unit 2, Lesson 5: Literal Equations
  • 1. Solve for b: ab = c
A) b=ac
B) b=c-a
C) b=c+a
D) b=c/a
  • 2. Solve for a: a/b = c
A) a=c-b
B) a=c/b
C) a=bc
D) a=b-c
  • 3. Solve for b: a+b = c
A) b=a-c
B) b=c-a
C) b=a+c
D) b=c/a
  • 4. Solve for a: a-b = c
A) a=c+b
B) a=c/b
C) a=b-c
D) a=c-b
  • 5. Solve for b: ab+c=d
A) b=dc/a
B) b=d+a/c
C) b=ad-c
D) b=(d-c)/a
  • 6. Solve for h: A=bh
A) h=A-b
B) h=b-A
C) h=A/b
D) h=b/A
  • 7. Solve for x: 2x=y
A) x=2y
B) x=2-y
C) x=y/2
D) x=y+2
  • 8. Solve for y: x+y=6
A) y=6-x
B) y=x/6
C) y=6+x
D) y=6x
  • 9. Solve for x: x/2-y=7
A) x=(y+7)/2
B) x=7-y/2
C) x=2y+14
D) x=14+y
  • 10. Solve for t: d=rt
A) t=d/r
B) t=d+r
C) t=r/d
D) t=d-r
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