L5 Ecosytem Vocabulary Check 2
__1. AbioticA. group of things that work or live together in an environment
__2. AdaptationB. any animal that is hunted or caught for food.
__3. Biotic FactorC. animals that need to eat to supply themselves with food.
__4. ConsumersD. the death of all the members of a group of organisms.
__5. EcosystemE. the same kind of plant or animal living in the same ecosytem
__6. ExtinctionF. an animal that hunts other animals for food.
__7. OrganismG. A living thing
__8. PopulationH. a body part or behavior that helps an animal survive.
__9. PredatorI. Non-living things in an ecosystem
__10. PreyJ. Something that is living
Answer Key

1.I  2.H  3.J  4.C  5.A  6.D  7.G  8.E  9.F  10.B 

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