cute ang gumawa
  • 1. Sexually attracted to people of opposite sex
A) Homosexual behavior
B) Sexual climax
C) Solitary behavior
D) Heterosexual behavior
  • 2. Physical union of male and female
A) Marital coitus
B) Coitus
C) Extra marital coitus
  • 3. It is the most common problems associated with the reproductive system in adult
A) Prostatitis
B) Vaginal infections
C) Infections
  • 4. Its a process involves reflection and self discovery to get a greater understanding of one self it entails exploring one's views. Values feelings and experiences
A) Unpacking the self
B) Unpacking self
C) Self
  • 5. Major threat to reproductive organs
A) Neoplasms
B) Orgasms
C) Prostate cancer
  • 6. It is caused by increase in pulse and blood pressure: a sudden rise in blood supply resulting in increase skin temperature, flushing, swelling of all destinsible body parts.
A) Sexual climax
B) Plateau phase
C) Excitement phase
  • 7. It may be done as an expression of affection and a source of pleasure, preliminary to coitus
A) Petting
B) Resolution phase
C) Excitement phase
  • 8. The reproductive capability of males is unending
A) Secret
B) True
C) False
  • 9. Erogenous zones may vary from one person to another
A) False
B) Secret
C) Diko alam wag mo'ko tanongin
D) True
  • 10. It is the last stage that refers to the return to a normal or subnormal physiologic state.
A) Resolution phase
B) Sexual climax
C) Plateau phase
  • 11. Involving only one individual
A) Heterosexual
B) Sociosexual behavior
C) Solitary behavior
  • 12. Considered as an obligation
A) Coitus
B) Extra marital coitus
C) Marital coitus
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