Norwegian Coastal Route
  • 1. Which country is the Norwegian Coastal Route in?
A) Finland
B) Denmark
C) Sweden
D) Norway
  • 2. What is the official language of Norway?
A) Norwegian
B) Swedish
C) Danish
D) Finnish
  • 3. Which season would be the best time to experience the Midnight Sun along the Coastal Route?
A) Autumn
B) Summer
C) Spring
D) Winter
  • 4. What is the currency used in Norway?
A) Swiss Franc
B) Norwegian Krone
C) Swedish Krona
D) Euro
  • 5. What type of wildlife might you see along the Norwegian Coastal Route?
A) Kangaroos
B) Penguins
C) Tigers
D) Puffins
  • 6. Which famous composer's home can be visited in Stravanger along the Norwegian Coastal Route?
A) Edvard Grieg
B) Johann Sebastian Bach
C) Ludwig van Beethoven
D) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • 7. Which famous structure sits at the entrance to Bergen's harbor?
A) Statue of Liberty
B) Eiffel Tower
C) Bryggen
D) Big Ben
  • 8. Which outdoor adventure sport is popular in Norway's Lofoten Islands, along the Coastal Route?
A) Surfing
B) Scuba diving
C) Skiing
D) Mountain biking
  • 9. What traditional Sami cultural activity can travelers experience in Northern Norway?
A) Camel riding
B) Reindeer sledding
C) Dog sledding
D) Elephant trekking
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