• 1. What's Ted's job? - ... is a firefighter.
A) He
B) Me
C) It
D) She
  • 2. She is very talkative. Can you tell me ... name?
A) her
B) she
C) shes
D) hers
  • 3. We love "Scamp". They're ... favourite group.
A) my
B) our
C) your
D) their
  • 4. Hi, Jane. Can I talk to ... sister?
A) yours
B) your
C) mine
D) ours
  • 5. Look at these flowers. ... are fascinating.
A) Their
B) We
C) They
D) You
  • 6. Steve and Sam are really handsome. ... sister Sally is pretty too.
A) They
B) That
C) Theirs
D) Their
  • 7. ... mum is a lawyer, and ... dad is a pilot.
A) My
B) Ours
C) Hers
D) Mine
  • 8. What are the pronouns in this sentence: When she went to the movies, she saw her friend and said hi.
A) when and went
B) she and her
C) hi and said
D) the and to
  • 9. There are four of us in ... family.
A) we
B) us
C) ours
D) our
  • 10. What is the pronnoun in this sentence: When the field trip was cancelled Mr. Z said, "It's a shame."
  • 11. What are the pronouns in this sentence: Tom and I went to the store and we got milk.
A) Went and we
B) Tom and I
C) store and milk
D) I and we
  • 12. what is the pronoun in this sentence: Room 307 is my favorite class of all time
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