AIC JS 3 CCA Revision Test
  • 1. 1 A repeated and recognisable element in a design or composition is known as
A) Motif
B) Mosaic
C) Lettering
D) Pattern
  • 2. 2. ________ motif aer made using regular shapes
A) Permanent
B) Temporary
C) Irregular
D) Regular
  • 3. 3. Irregular motif involves the use of ______
A) Square
B) Beads
C) Triangle
D) Circle
  • 4. 4. Motif can be used in making greeting cards
A) No
B) Yes
  • 5. 5. Cowries can be used for _______ motif
A) Regular
B) Irregular
C) Temporary
D) Permanent
  • 6. 6. Knitting involves two needles, yarn and thread
A) True
B) False
  • 7. 7. The rolls of stitches must be completed ones it is started
A) False
B) True
  • 8. 8. The two major types of knitting are weft and ______
A) Clef
B) Warp
C) Stitch
D) Loop
  • 9. 9. The art of creating illustration with letters, number e.t.c. is _______
A) Lettering
B) Fastening
C) Crocheting
D) Graphics
  • 10. 10. Free hand decorated lettering is known as
A) Text letter
B) Roman letter
C) Pen lettering
D) Block lettering
  • 11. 11. Script lettering is involved in _______
A) Block letter
B) Italic letter
C) Text letter
D) Greeting card
  • 12. 12. Calligraphy also means _______
A) None
B) Pen lettering
C) Graphics
D) Block lettering
  • 13. 13. Suitability in lettering means ______
A) Right choice of letters
B) Clearly seen letters
C) All
D) Use of spacing
  • 14. 14. A clearly written letter has _______
A) Decoration
B) Suitability
C) Legibility
D) Spacing
  • 15. 15. The fact of being one entity is _______
A) Unity
B) Honesty
C) Participation
D) Cooperation
  • 16. ,16. One of these is needed for unity
A) Adulteration
B) Tolerance
C) Cultism
D) Noise
  • 17. 17. Fair play is an act of ______
A) Being unlawful
B) Tribalism
C) Imbibing rules
D) Sincerity
  • 18. 18. The causes of disunity include
A) Lie
B) Cheating
C) Sincerity
D) Indiscipline
  • 19. 19. Making and arranging a dance is called
A) Chromatography
B) Chlorophyll
C) Calligraphi
D) Choreography
  • 20. 20. The processes of choreography are _______
A) Final Polishing
B) Movement gathering
C) Dance Conception
D) Stage setting
  • 21. 21. Which of these are principles of choreography?
A) Speed
B) Space
C) Rhyme
D) Noise
  • 22. 22. A chord has ______ notes
A) Two
B) Three or more
C) Four
D) Three
  • 23. 23. A blend in sound of notes in a melody is _______
A) Synergy
B) Harmony
C) Variety
D) Distraction
  • 24. 24. Which of these is true of a triad?
A) It is a chord
B) It has more than three notes
C) It has three notes
D) It has two notes
  • 25. 25. A sound or pitch in a music is a _______
A) Chord
B) Clef
C) Note
D) Triad
  • 26. 26. A patterned movement to music is
A) Chorus
B) Dance
C) Song
D) Drama
  • 27. 27. Career in dance includes _______
A) Dander
B) Culture administrator
C) Singer
D) Teacher
  • 28. 28. The prospect of dance is in registration as specialist of dance study
A) False
B) True
  • 29. 29. Certificate can be issued for dance study through ______
A) Festivity
B) Party
C) Vocational training
D) University
  • 30. 30. A person who plans and arranges a dance is a choreographer
A) No
B) Yes
  • 31. 31. One of these is not a rule for knitting
A) Use the right size niddle
B) Follow knitting instruction
C) Wash your hands with soap and water
D) Always do knitting while standing
  • 32. 32. Which of these is a knitting tool?
A) Cello tape
B) Spoon
C) Heo
D) Wool
  • 33. 33. Knitting requires
A) Holding a niddle in each hand
B) None
C) Holding a needle with both hands
D) Holding both needles in one hand
  • 34. 34. Yarn must lie _______ of the needle
A) Up
B) Down
C) Front
D) Back
  • 35. 35. Knitting has _______ types of stitches
A) 4
B) 1
C) 3
D) 2
  • 36. 36. The types of stitches are _______ and ________
A) Weft
B) Warp
C) Knit
D) Purl
  • 37. 37. Calligraphy means ________
A) Legibility
B) Lettering
C) Good spacing
D) Suitability
  • 38. 38. People who are united ______
A) Forget their beliefs
B) Are gender biased
C) Accept their differences
D) Hear their opinions
  • 39. 39.Unity brings _________
A) Conflicts
B) Hardship
C) Peace
D) Co existence
  • 40. 40. Order and beauty are _________ of choreography
A) Diadvantages
B) Types
C) Principles
D) Processes
  • 41. 41. There are _______ approaches for registering for specialist dance study
A) 3
B) 1
C) 2
D) 4
  • 42. 42. Studing dance at post school phase creates lots of job opportunities in the field
A) False
B) True
  • 43. 43. One career in dance study is ____
A) Professional dancer
B) Musician
C) Judge
D) Drummer
  • 44. 44. The 5th note on a musical key board is the _________
A) Leaf
B) Root
C) Stem
D) Flower
  • 45. 45. Octave means ______ tones
A) 6
B) 5
C) 7
D) 8
  • 46. 46. One rule in achieving harmony is "stay in the accepted voice range and do not put more than octave between upper voices"
A) False
B) True
  • 47. 47. Some rules of harmony include _______
A) No consecutive octave
B) No hidden 5ths
C) No hidden octave
D) No consecutive 5ths
  • 48. 48. For harmony the root and the _______ are doubled in root position chord
A) Clef
B) 5th
C) Lines
D) Octave
  • 49. 49. The leading note of the scale is doubled for harmony
A) Yes
B) No
  • 50. 50. One of these is wrong for harmony
A) Never overlap parts
B) Never omit the 3rd nnote
C) No hidden consecutives
D) Soprano lines should not have molody
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