The Daring Nelly Bly Vocabulary Assessment
__1. confrontedA. Kristen ________ to help the homeless.
__2. convinceB. Gillian's mom took a detour because the road was ________.
__3. crusadedC. The bad news didn't ________ Kirt.
__4. disheartenedD. Elijah thought Elyse's pink shoes were ________.
__5. eccentricE. Tahj's mom said "no", then she ________ and said "yes".
__6. fazeF. Robyn attempted to _______ Cameron to change her response.
__7. impassableG. Abigail was ________ when she dropped paint on her shirt.
__8. infuriatedH. Kaitlyn was _______ thinking she wouldn't reach her goal.
__9. monsoonsI. Myan didn't appreciate being ______ by Myrik in the hall.
__10. relentedJ. Sierra realized ______ are terrible storms over water.
__11. confrontedA. to be different or strange
__12. convincedB. work hard for something you believe in
__13. crusadedC. to be bothered or upset by something
__14. disheartenedD. to originally say no, then say yes
__15. eccentricE. to lose hope
__16. fazeF. persuade someone to do something
__17. heiressG. a woman that stands to inherit something
__18. impassableH. unable to pass
__19. infuriatedI. to become very angry
__20. relentedJ. to come face to face with something
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