Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan
  • 1. When did Ivan the Terrible become the first Tsar of Russia?
A) 1492
B) 1547
C) 1453
D) 1620
  • 2. Ivan IV of Russia is better known as Ivan the ___.
A) Terrible
B) Brave
C) Great
D) Mighty
  • 3. Who was Ivan the Terrible's son and heir?
A) Alexander I
B) Igor the Brave
C) Ivan Ivanovich
D) Peter the Great
  • 4. Under Ivan the Terrible's reign, what title did the ruler of Russia adopt?
A) Emperor
B) Sultan
C) Tsar
D) King
  • 5. Under Ivan the Terrible's reign, which city was made the new capital of Russia?
A) Novgorod
B) Kiev
C) Saint Petersburg
D) Moscow
  • 6. What was the name of Ivan the Terrible's first wife?
A) Elizabeth of Russia
B) Anastasia Romanovna
C) Catherine the Great
D) Mary I of England
  • 7. How many children did Ivan the Terrible have with his first wife?
A) 6
B) 4
C) 2
D) 9
  • 8. Who did Ivan the Terrible marry after the death of his first wife?
A) Anna of Russia
B) Sophia of Lithuania
C) Olga of Kiev
D) Maria Temryukovna
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