Integer Word problems
  • 1. Katherine is very interested in cryogenics (the science of very low temperatures). With the help of her science teacher she is doing an experiment on the affect of low temperatures on bacteria. She cools one sample of bacteria to a temperature of -51°C and another to -76°C. What was the temperature difference in the two experiments?
A) 127
B) -127
C) 25
D) -25
  • 2. On Tuesday the mailman delivers 3 checks for $5 each and 2 bills for $2 each. If you had a starting balance of $25, what is the ending balance?
A) 26
B) 36
C) 6
D) -26
  • 3. You owe $225. on your credit card. You make a $55. payment and then purchase $87 worth of clothes at Dillards. What is the integer that represents the balance owed on the credit card?
A) 257
B) 367
C) -367
D) -257
  • 4. If it is -25F in Rantoul and it is 75F in Honolulu, what is the temperature difference between the two cities?
A) -125
B) -50
C) 100
D) 50
  • 5. During the football game, Justin caught three passes. One was for a touchdown and went 52 yards. The other was for a first down and was for 17 yards. The other was on a screen pass that did not work so well and ended up a gain of -10 yards. What was the total yardage gained by Justin on the pass plays?
A) 62
B) 69
C) 59
D) -39
  • 6. James plays in the backfield of the Big Town football team. Last week he ran four plays from the halfback position. He made "gains" measured in yards of 3, 4, 1, and 5. What were his average yards per gain? Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a yard.
A) 4
B) 13
C) 3
D) 3.2
  • 7. In golf, the average score a good player should be able to achieve is called "par." Par for a whole course is calculated by adding up the par scores for each hole. Scores in golf are often expressed at some number either greater than or less than par. Ms. Floop is having a pretty good day at the Megalopolis City Golf Club. Her score so far after 15 holes is -3. If par for 15 holes is 63, what is her score?
A) 65
B) 60
C) 66
D) 63
  • 8. It was a very freaky weather day. The temperature started out at 9°C in the morning and went to -13°C at noon. It stayed at that temperature for six hours and then rose 7°C. How far below the freezing point (0°C) was the temperature at 6 p.m.?
A) 6
B) 0
C) 12
D) 3
  • 9. The mailman delievered a $22 check and 3 - $14 bills today. He also took back 1- $5 bill. What is the total in the mailbox?
A) -15
B) 15
C) -25
D) -59
  • 10. A monkey sits on a limb that is 25 ft above the ground. He swings up 10 ft, climbs up 6 ft more then jumps down 13 ft. How far off the ground is the monkey now?
A) 54 ft
B) 31 ft
C) 25 ft
D) 28 ft
  • 11. Mary has $267 in her checking account. She writes checks for $33, $65, and $112. What is the balance in her account now?
A) -67
B) -57
C) 57
D) 67
  • 12. A submarine dove 836 ft. It rose at a rate of 22 ft per minute. What was the depth of the submarine after 12 minutes?
A) 452 ft
B) 572 ft
C) 472 ft
D) -472 ft
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