Historical dating techniques
__1. absolute datingA. another word for tree-ring dating, with one ring per year
__2. dendrochronologyB. different layers in the earth mark different time periods
__3. dendrochronologyC. the longer bones are buried the more of this they absorb
__4. DNA analysisD. tells us the type of living organism it was
__5. Fluorine datingE. using C14, we can work out when something died
__6. ice-core samplingF. tells us about the atmosphere, from the trapped air inside
__7. palynologyG. determining if an object is older or younger than something
__8. Radiocarbon datingH. studying microscopic organic compounds, like pollen, in soil
__9. relative datingI. can be used for wooden artefacts as well as local trees
__10. StratigraphyJ. gives the age of the object as precisely as possible
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