Foodservice management
  • 1. Foodservice management is the practice of planning, organizing, and controlling the operations of a commercial or institutional food service facility. This includes menu planning, food purchasing, food preparation, service delivery, staffing, and financial management. Foodservice managers are responsible for ensuring that the facility operates efficiently, meets quality and safety standards, and provides an enjoyable dining experience for customers. They must also stay current with food trends, dietary guidelines, and regulations to effectively manage the operation.

    What does FIFO stand for in foodservice management?
A) Food Inventory Fast Order
B) Fresh Ingredients For Omelettes
C) Frying Is For Others
D) First In, First Out
  • 2. What does HACCP stand for in food safety?
A) Hygiene and Caring Cooks Policy
B) Healthy and Clean Cooking Practices
C) Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points
D) Harmful Allergens Control and Prevention
  • 3. What is the purpose of a food safety audit in foodservice management?
A) To ensure compliance with regulations and standards
B) To implement new recipes
C) To increase customer satisfaction
D) To reduce labor costs
  • 4. In foodservice management, what does 'BOH' stand for?
A) Back of House
B) Business Operations Hub
C) Bottom of Hill
D) Best of Hampshire
  • 5. What does PLU stand for in relation to foodservice operations?
A) Price Look-Up
B) Personal Lunch Unit
C) Professional Line Usage
D) Plate Lifting Upgrade
  • 6. Which of the following is a common food safety hazard in a commercial kitchen?
A) Broken cutlery
B) Cross-contamination
C) Overripe fruits
D) Sticky floors
  • 7. What is the purpose of a self-service food station in a cafeteria setting?
A) To increase meal prices
B) To allow customers to serve themselves
C) To provide entertainment
D) To reduce food waste
  • 8. Why is it important for a foodservice manager to have knowledge of food safety regulations?
A) To prevent foodborne illnesses
B) To create innovative menus
C) To increase restaurant profits
D) To train kitchen staff
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