Scientific Method Test
"If a rabbit, a cat, and a dog areplaced in the same maze, then the dogwill find its way out first."
A.  the maze
What is the independent variable in this hypothesis? 
B.  how long it takes each animal to finish the maze
C.  the type of animal
D.  the number of trials completed
If you eat three chocolate chip cookies before a
 test, then you will get all of the questions correct.
Which part of the hypothesis above is the 
dependent variable?
F.  Which type of cookies you eat
G.  How many questions you answer correctly
H.  The subject of the test
J.  How many cookies you eat
If you wanted to test two 
different brands of plant food to
see which one would make 
plants grow fastest, which two 
plants should you use to make
your experiment a fair test ?
What is the volume of water
in this graduated cylinder?
A.  28 mL
B.  24 mL
C.  34 mL
D.  30 mL
Using the data from the
graph, what will most 
likely be the number
of bacteria after two 
hours have passed?
F.  10
G.  12
H.  14
J.   16
Before beginning her experiment for the Science Fair, Arlene says, "If  I put Mentos in Diet Coke, then theexplosion will be greater than if I put Tic Tacs in DietCoke."
Her statement is called --
A.    a hypothesis
C.   an independent variable
D.    a control variable (constant)
B.    a dependent variable
Nakiyah reads that the water in the Atlantic Ocean iswarmest from June through November.  Later, in Science class, she learns that Virginia has the most hurricanes during August and September.  
H.  If water temperature increases, then the number of hurricanes             increases.  
F.  If water temperature decreases, then the number of hurricanes          increases.
J.   If the water temperature increases, then the number of hurricanes           decreases. 
G.  If the number of hurricanes increases, then the temperature of the           water increases.
Which hypothesis below supports her observations?
Which of the followingis an inference about thispicture, not an observation?
B.  The dogs have their mouths open.
A.  One dog is white with black markings.
C.  The dogs are fighting.
D.  Both dogs have black noses.
Tyler predicts that if seeds are heated for ten 
seconds in the microwave before planting them, 
then they will sprout faster.
How long it takes the seeds to sprout is the ____ in this 
scientific investigation.
F.  qualitative data
G.  independent variable
H.  dependent variable
J.  control variable (constant)
If you are performing an experiment to see how much
salt must be added to water to make an egg float, you 
should do many ____ to make sure your results are 
D. inferences
A.  conclusions
B.  dependent variables
C.  trials
making observations
drawing conclusions
interpreting data 
making a hypothesis

What skill is a scientist using when she listens to the sounds that a whale makes?
When a scientist shares herresults with other scientists she is
analyzing results
doing research
A series of steps followed to solve a problem is
The Scientific Method
The Order of Science
How to Investigate
The Scientific Practices 
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