Immigration & Industrialization Multi-choice
  • 1. This gives a inventor credit for their invention and allows them to produce and sell it.
A) Visa
B) Patent
C) Trust
D) Monopoly
  • 2. For most immigrants coming to the East Coast, what was their first stop?
A) Florida Keys
B) Mexico
C) Ellis Island
D) Angel Island
  • 3. As immigration increased certain nations had restrictions placed on them entering America. One example of this was this law.
A) Chinese Exclusion Act
B) Mexican Exclusion Act
C) Serbian Exclusion Act
D) Russian Exclusion Act
  • 4. For most Asian immigrants coming to the West Coast, this was their first stop.
A) Florida Keys
B) Ellis Island
C) Angel Island
D) Mexico
  • 5. As more people from around the world immigrated to America and their cultures began to blend, America became known as a...
A) Sweatshop
B) Melting pot
C) Peon
D) Chinese Exclusion Act
  • 6. Term that describes the process of blending into society. In America many immigrants studied English and became "Americanized".
A) Industry
B) Monopoly
C) Trust
D) Assimilation
  • 7. Many immigrants worked in hot, crowded, dangerous factories known as...
A) Busts
B) Booms
C) Robber Barons
D) Sweatshops
  • 8. Many immigrants, particularly in the Southwest worked in order to pay off debts to wealthy landowners. This type of labor is called...
A) Sweatshop
B) Monopoly
C) Peonage
D) Bust
  • 9. During this time, steel production increased by how much?
A) 350 times
B) 3500 times
C) 3.5 times
D) 35 times
  • 10. Which invention was a huge factor in the development of the clothing industry?
A) Light Bulb
B) Sewing machine
C) Wiggly Wag
D) Telephone
  • 11. The ups and downs of business is called...
A) Boom
B) Business cycle
C) Depression
D) Bust
  • 12. When people buy and invest a great deal in business?
A) Depression
B) Bust
C) Boom
  • 13. When investment and spending slow down?
A) Boom
B) Depression
C) Bust
  • 14. Extremely low buying, spending, and investing?
A) Boom
B) Bust
C) Depression
  • 15. This picture represents what kind of setting?
A) Rural
B) Urban
C) Suburban
  • 16. This picture represents what kind of setting?
A) Urban
B) Suburban
C) Rural
  • 17. This picture represents what kind of setting?
A) Urban
B) Suburban
C) Rural
  • 18. What is this cartoon saying about Rockefeller and Standard Oil's business tactics?
  • 19. List an industry.
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