More Systems Word Problems
Roll of streamers =$
Party hat =$ 
Suppose you bought supplies for a party. 
Three rolls of streamers and 15 party hats 
cost $30. Later, you bought 2 rolls of streamers 
and 4 party hats for $11. How much did 
each roll of streamers cost? How much did each 
party hat cost?
They will be the same after ________ weeks.
You have $22 in your bank account and deposit 
$11.50 each week. At the same time your cousin 
has $218 but is withdrawing $13 each week. When 
will your accounts have the same balance?
You have 10 coins, all dimes and quarters. 
The value of the coins is $1.75. How many dimes
 do you have? How many quarters do you have?
________ Dimes

________ Quarters
A shop sells gift wrap for $4 per package and
 greeting cards for $10 per package. If the shop
 sells 205 packages in all and receives a total
 of $1084, how many packages of gift wrap and
 greeting cards were sold?
_________ packages of gift wrap

_________ packages of greeting cards
Matt and Ming are selling fruit for a school
 fundraiser. Customers can buy small boxes of 
oranges and large boxes of oranges. Matt sold 
3 small boxes of oranges and 14 large boxes of 
oranges for a total of $203. Ming sold 11 small 
boxes of oranges and 11 large boxes of oranges 
for a total of $220. Find the cost each of one 
small box of oranges and one large box of oranges.
$_________ small boxes of oranges
$_________ large boxes of oranges
The admission fee at a small fair is $1.50 for children 
and $4.00 for adults. On a certain day, 2200 people
enter the fair and $5050 is collected. How many 
children and how many adults attended?
_______ children

_______ adults
An exam is worth 145 points and contains 50 
questions. Some of the questions are worth two points
and some are worth 5 points. How many two point
questions are on the test? How many five point 
questions are on the test?
_______ two point questions

_______ five point questions
The Lakers scored a total of 80 points in a 
basketball game against the Bulls. The Lakers made a 
total of 37 two-point and three-point baskets. How 
many two-point shots did the Lakers make? How
many three-point shots did the Lakers make?
_______ two-point shots

_______ three-point shots
There are twice as many girls as boys in the Science 
Squad at Hightown Middle School.  If 24 students are 
in the club, how many of them are boys and how many 
are girls?
b + g = 24    g = 2b
b + 2g = 24    b + g = 2
            boys and              girls are in theScience Squad at Hightown Middle School.
b + g = 24    b = 2g
b + 2g = 24    b = g
Fredward is buying juice and soda for his birthday
party.  He wants to buy 12 total bottles and can spend
$29.  If juice cost $3 per bottle and soda cost $2
per bottle, how many bottles of each should he buy?
Fredward should buy              bottles of juiceand              bottles of soda for his birthday party.
j + s = 29    j + s = 12
j = 3
    s = 2
3j + 2s = 29      j + s = 12
3j = 29
    2s = 12
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