Ali Hewson
  • 1. What is the full name of Ali Hewson?
A) Alice Henderson
B) Alison Stewart Hewson
C) Amelia Roberts
D) Anna Smith
  • 2. In which year was Ali Hewson born?
A) 1983
B) 1950
C) 1961
D) 1975
  • 3. Which country is Ali Hewson originally from?
A) Australia
B) Ireland
C) United States
D) France
  • 4. Who is Ali Hewson married to?
A) Justin Timberlake
B) Brad Pitt
C) Bono
D) George Clooney
  • 5. Which organization did Ali Hewson co-found?
B) Greenpeace
C) Doctors Without Borders
  • 6. Ali Hewson's eldest daughter is also involved in the fashion industry. What is her name?
A) Sophie Hewson
B) Emily Hewson
C) Jordan Hewson
D) Jessica Hewson
  • 7. What is the name of the rock band in which Bono, Ali Hewson's husband, is the lead vocalist?
A) The Rolling Stones
B) Coldplay
C) Red Hot Chili Peppers
D) U2
  • 8. Which university did Ali Hewson attend in Dublin?
A) National College of Ireland
B) University College Dublin
C) Dublin City University
D) Trinity College Dublin
  • 9. Ali Hewson and her husband are supporters of which organization that fights hunger and poverty?
B) Save the Children
C) ONE Campaign
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