• 1. What period in ancient Egyptian history is Menes associated with?
A) The Early Dynastic Period
B) The Late Period
C) The New Kingdom
D) The Middle Kingdom
  • 2. What title did Menes hold?
A) King
B) Emperor
C) Pharaoh
D) Sultan
  • 3. What city did Menes establish as the capital of unified Egypt?
A) Alexandria
B) Memphis
C) Luxor
D) Thebes
  • 4. What river did Menes use as a natural boundary between Upper and Lower Egypt?
A) The Tigris
B) The Nile
C) The Jordan
D) The Euphrates
  • 5. What kind of material was predominantly used for writing during Menes' reign?
A) Animal skins
B) Clay tablets
C) Papyrus
D) Stone slabs
  • 6. What was the largest food crop cultivated in ancient Egypt during Menes' time?
A) Corn
B) Wheat
C) Rice
D) Barley
  • 7. What precious metal was extensively used for making jewelry in Menes' era?
A) Silver
B) Iron
C) Gold
D) Copper
  • 8. Which of the following was an important domesticated animal in ancient Egypt under Menes?
A) Buffalo
B) Llamas
C) Cattle
D) Reindeer
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