Classification of angles and triangles
__1. acute angleA. no sides have the same length
__2. acute triangleB. has at least two equal sides
__3. equiangular triangleC. has three equal sides
__4. equilateral triangleD. has three acute angles
__5. isosceles triangleE. contains an obtuse angle
__6. obtuse angleF. has three equal angles
__7. obtuse triangleG. measures between 90 & 180 degrees
__8. reflex angleH. measures between 180 and 360 degrees
__9. right triangleI. contains a right angle
__10. scalene triangleJ. measures between 0 and 90 degrees
__11. all triangles do thisA. the same size and the shape
__12. ALL triangles haveB. measures 180 degrees
__13. a polygon with three sidesC. have angles totaling 180 degrees
__14. congruent triangles would beD. measures 90 degrees
__15. it is not possible to haveE. sides and angles
__16. place where two sides meetF. three sides
__17. right angleG. a triangle with one angle of 181 degrees
__18. similar triangles may be -H. different sizes but similar shapes
__19. straight angleI. triangle
__20. triangles are classified by -J. vertex
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