Matter Test
 29 g
What is the mass of the orange?
 30 g
1 g
 31 g
5 g
25 g
 26 g
Which lists physical properties of this apple?
 round, smooth, red
 black, liquid, hot
 red, sharp, long
 orange, flat
What conclusion can be drawn from this experiment?
 Coke is less dense than diet coke.
 Coke is less dense than water.
 Diet Coke has more mass than water.
 Coke is more dense than Diet Coke.
 40 mL
What is the volume of the tea bag?
 10 mL
 30 mL
 41 mL
 balloons have mass
air is a solid
What can we conclude from the experiment?
 all balloons float
 air is matter
What is the name of this tool and what is it used for?
 triple beam balance, measures mass in grams
 triple beam balance, measures weight in pounds
 triple beam balance, measures volume in mL
 graduated cylinder, measures volume in mL
What is the name of the tool pictured, and what is it
used for?
beaker, measures volume in mL.
graduated cylinder, measures volume in mL.
safety goggles, used to protect eyes.
flask, used to measure liquids.
 29 g
What is the mass of the football?
 30 g
 31 g
5 g
1 g
25 g
 26 g
Why does a cruise ship float, but a penny will sink?
the penny has more mass
the cruise ship has less density
the penny has more volume
the cruise ship has more mass
 hear, see, taste, feel, smell
 see, hear, eat, drink, solid
 taste, smell, touch, waft, play
 feel, smell, drink, eat, sit

Which are the five senses?

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