JSS 2 - Basic Technology - 3rd Assessment
  • 1. 1. --------- is the process of transferring a design or pattern to a workpiece, as a first step in the manufacturing process.
A) Surface plate
B) Wood work
C) Metal work
D) Marking out
  • 2. 2. Another name for 'height gauge' is ---------
A) Scripture blade
B) Scribing block
C) Height meter
D) Height level
  • 3. 3. The material in metalwork used to mark lines on the workpiece before machining is called --------
A) Plating
B) Ball pein hammer
C) Scriber
D) Angular
  • 4. 4. One of the following is not a marking out tool.
A) Surface gauge
B) Punch
C) Protractor
D) Steel rule
  • 5. 5. --------- is used to make holes in materials.
A) Divider
B) Scriber
C) Punch
D) Calipers
  • 6. 6. An equilateral triangle has -----
A) Three equal sides
B) Two equal angles
C) No equal sides
D) Two equal sides
  • 7. 7. How many sides has a heptagon?
A) 6
B) 10
C) 7
D) 8
  • 8. 8. All of the following are examples of equilaterals except a -------------
A) Rectangle
B) Square
C) Triangle
D) Parallelogram
  • 9. 9. One of the following is a dye used in metalwork to aid marking out rough parts for further machining.
A) Layout stain
B) Gental violet
C) Gemsa stain
D) Iodine
  • 10. 10. --------- is a triangle that has two of its angles equal, usually the base angles .
A) scalene
B) Isosceles
C) Right angle
D) Equilateral
  • 11. 11. ----------- is a triangle that has one of the angles as 90°
A) A righ-angled triangle
B) An obtuse angle
C) Acute angle
D) A right angle
  • 12. 12. -----------is used to measure the outside diameter of metal in increments of one thousandth of an inch.
A) Screw driver
B) Divider
C) Micrometer
D) Dial caliper
  • 13. 13. One of the following is not a measuring tool.
A) Odd-leg caliper
B) Compass
C) Inside caliper
D) Divider
  • 14. 14. The following are driving tools except -------
A) Hammer
B) Ball -peen
C) Tinman's mallet
D) Hardness tester
  • 15. 15. ------ is used to test for the accuracy of the work.
A) Try square
B) Bossing mallet
C) Pliers
D) Metric rule
  • 16. 16. One of the following is used to shape metals.
A) Ball peen
B) Tinman's mallet
C) Hammer
D) Punch
  • 17. 17. -------is an instrument designed to drive in and out screws.
A) Tinman's mallet
B) Calipers
C) Screwdriver
D) Wrenches
  • 18. 18. The instrument used in measuring the diameter or the inner part of an object is called ----------
A) Inside diameter
B) Insider caliper
C) Inside capler
D) Inside measurer
  • 19. 19. One of the following is not a type of screwdriver.
A) Drill bradawl screwdriver
B) Offset screwdriver
C) Allen screwdriver
D) Star screwdriver
  • 20. 20. All are examples of pliers except ----------
A) Cutting plier
B) Gripping plier
C) Bench hook plier
D) Long nose plier
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