• 1. What is the typical coat color of a Labraheeler?
A) Golden
B) White
C) Black and tan
D) Gray
  • 2. Are Labraheelers typically good with children?
A) Only with adult supervision
B) Yes
C) Depends on the child's age
D) No
  • 3. Which dog breed is the Labraheeler most likely to inherit its herding instincts from?
A) German Shepherd
B) Blue Heeler
C) Australian Cattle Dog
D) Labrador Retriever
  • 4. Which of the following is a potential health issue that Labraheelers may inherit from their parent breeds?
A) Deafness
B) Eye problems
C) Obesity
D) Hip dysplasia
  • 5. What is one way to provide mental stimulation for a Labraheeler?
A) Ignoring them
B) Keeping them isolated
C) Feeding them constantly
D) Puzzle toys
  • 6. Which parent breed of the Labraheeler is known for its retrieving abilities?
A) Blue Heeler
B) German Shepherd
C) Labrador Retriever
D) Australian Cattle Dog
  • 7. Which of the following statements is true about Labraheelers?
A) They come in only one color
B) They are a purebred breed
C) They are a hybrid breed
D) They are a rare breed
  • 8. In a family setting, which role might a Labraheeler naturally take on?
A) Chef
B) Comedian
C) Protector
D) Gardener
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