2nd Six Weeks Notes Test Part B
  • 1. Which is NOT a step for multiplying fractions?
A) multiply the denominators
B) simplify
C) cross multiply
D) multiply the numerators
  • 2. What does reciprocal mean?
A) pick a number
B) flip the number
C) look at the top number
  • 3. Which is a step for dividing fractions
A) rewrite fractions
B) get a common denominator
C) add numerators
D) write inverse of second fraction
  • 4. A decimal is a number written using base-ten place value system?
  • 5. When saying a decimal, the word "OR" means the decimal point.
  • 6. You read the decimal according to the FIRST decimal place.
  • 7. Which is not a decimal place value?
A) ones
B) hundredths
C) thousandths
D) tenths
  • 8. Write twenty-eight and six tenths as a decimal.
A) 28.6
B) 28.06
C) 2.86
D) 286
  • 9. Write forty-five hundredths as a decimal.
A) 0.045
B) 0.45
C) 4500
D) 4.5
  • 10. To round a decimal to a given place value, look at digit to the right.
  • 11. When rounding decimals, if digit is less than 4 you round __________
A) down
B) up
  • 12. What is first step in adding and subtracting decimals?
A) line up decimals
B) just do the problem
C) line up the numbers
D) who knows?
  • 13. What is the 2nd step in adding and subtracting decimals?
A) add or subtract decimals
B) move the decimal
C) freak out and cry
D) multiply
  • 14. What do you do with the decimal point when add or subtracting fractions?
A) bring down the decimal
B) pick your favorite spot
C) move the decimal to the end
D) throw it away
  • 15. Add 2.3 + 4.56
A) 68.6
B) 47.9
C) 6.86
D) 4.79
  • 16. Add 7.901 + 3.92
A) 8293
B) 11821
C) 11.821
D) 8.293
  • 17. Subtract 5.23 - 3
A) 5.26
B) 5.20
C) 8.23
D) 2.23
  • 18. Subtract 9 - 2.95
A) 11.95
B) 6.05
C) 2.86
D) 7.95
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