Florence Nightingale (nurse and hospital reformer)
  • 1. Who was Florence Nightingale?
A) A nurse and hospital reformer
B) A famous actress
C) A politician
D) A scientist
  • 2. In which year did Florence Nightingale pass away?
A) 1950
B) 1840
C) 1800
D) 1910
  • 3. Florence Nightingale is known for her work during which war?
A) American Civil War
B) Crimean War
C) World War I
D) Revolutionary War
  • 4. Which book did Florence Nightingale write that revolutionized nursing practices?
A) Pride and Prejudice
B) War and Peace
C) Notes on Nursing
D) Moby-Dick
  • 5. Florence Nightingale became known as 'The Lady with the _____'.
A) Lamp
B) Sword
C) Pen
D) Microscope
  • 6. What is the profession of Florence Nightingale?
A) Teacher
B) Pilot
C) Nurse
D) Engineer
  • 7. Florence Nightingale is considered the founder of modern ______.
A) Architecture
B) Economics
C) Nursing
D) Astronomy
  • 8. Florence Nightingale's contributions significantly impacted the improvement of ______ conditions.
A) Educational
B) Hospital
C) Transportation
D) Agricultural
  • 9. What was Florence Nightingale awarded for her contributions to the healthcare field?
A) Nobel Prize
B) Golden Globe
C) Oscar
D) Order of Merit
  • 10. Florence Nightingale is best known for her work in ______ hospitals.
A) Veterinary
B) Orphanage
C) Psychiatric
D) Military
  • 11. What was Florence Nightingale's nickname?
A) The Night Angel
B) Mother Teresa of Nursing
C) The Iron Lady
D) The Lady with the Lamp
  • 12. Florence Nightingale is famous for improving which aspect of nursing?
A) Landscaping
B) Public speaking
C) Hygiene
D) Budgeting
  • 13. Which country honored Florence Nightingale with a commemorative coin in 2010?
A) United States
B) Canada
C) United Kingdom
D) Australia
  • 14. Florence Nightingale was a pioneer in which area of statistical graphics?
A) Line charts
B) Scatter plots
C) Bar graphs
D) Pie charts
  • 15. What was the name of the training school Florence Nightingale founded for nurses?
A) Angel of Mercy Nursing Academy
B) Florence Nursing Institute
C) Nightingale Training School for Nurses
D) Lamp Lighters Nursing College
  • 16. Which British monarch did Florence Nightingale correspond with?
A) Queen Victoria
B) King George III
C) King Henry VIII
D) Queen Elizabeth II
  • 17. Where did Florence Nightingale establish her famous nursing school?
A) Sydney
B) New York
C) Paris
D) London
  • 18. Which illness did Florence Nightingale suffer from in her later years?
A) Brucellosis
B) Tuberculosis
C) Malaria
D) Yellow Fever
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