Integer Word problems
  • 1. The temperature at noon on a winter day was 8 degrees. At midnight, the temperature had dropped 15 degrees. What was the temperature at midnight?
A) -7
B) 7
C) -23
D) 23
  • 2. Josie has $147 left on her account. If she uses her debit card for $55, what will Josie’s balance be?
A) $202
B) -$102
C) $102
D) $92
  • 3. If it is -25F in Rantoul and it is 75F in Honolulu, what is the temperature difference between the two cities?
A) 100 F
B) -50 F
C) -125 F
D) 50 F
  • 4. During the football game, Justin caught three passes. One went 52 yards. Another was for 17 yards. The last was a loss of 10 yards. What was the total yardage gained by Justin on the pass plays?
A) 62
B) 69
C) -39
D) 59
  • 5. An airplane is 600 feet above sea level. A submarine is below it at 100 feet below sea level. How far apart are they?
A) 400 ft.
B) 500 ft.
C) 600 ft.
D) 700 ft.
  • 6. An architectural drawing of a building shows the elevation of the basement floor to be –12 feet. The elevation of the roof is 40 feet. What is the total distance from the roof to the basement floor?
A) 62ft.
B) 52 ft.
C) 28 ft.
D) 32 ft.
  • 7. It was a very freaky weather day. The temperature started out at 7°F in the morning and went to -13°F at noon. It stayed at that temperature for six hours and then rose 7°F. What was the temperature at 6 p.m.?
A) 1
B) -1
C) -6
D) -13
  • 8. Mary has $267 in her account. She uses her debit card for gas for $33, deposits $65, and use it to buy clothes for $112. What is the balance in her account now?
A) $187
B) -$57
C) $67
D) $477
  • 9. The Falcon's are playing the Saints. The Falcons need 20 yards to score a touchdown. The Falcons gain 7 yards, lose 2 yards and gain 12 yards. Have the Falcons scored a touchdown?
A) No, need 1 more yard.
B) No, need 3 more yards.
C) No, need 13 more yards.
D) Yes, they scored a touchdown.
  • 10. An elevator started at the third floor, it went up nine floors, then down six floors and then up two floors. Where is it now?
A) 5th floor
B) 25th floor
C) 8th floor
D) 12th floor
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