AIC JS 3 PHE 2nd Term Revision Test
  • 1. An athlete that engages in pole vault is known as _____________________
A) pole vaultree
B) pole vaulter
C) pole vaulterer
D) vault athlete
  • 2. _____________________ is the purchase and consumption of medicine or drugs without the prescription of a qualified doctor
A) Doping
B) dying
C) drug intake
D) Self-medication
  • 3. Sport is defined as a competitive physical activity that involves _____________
A) strategy, energy and common sense
B) strategy, strength and skills
C) skills, strategy and teamwork
D) skill, common sense and energy
  • 4. The system in the body that is mostly affected by hard drugs is _____________________ system
A) Digestive
B) Respiratory
C) Circulatory
D) Central Nervous
  • 5. The final step in pole vault is _______________
A) clearance
B) turning
C) take off
D) landing
  • 6. ______________ refers to the ability to take charge of your personal health by making decisions to be healthy.
A) School health
B) World health
C) Community heath
D) Personal health
  • 7. The use of drugs to enhance performance of an athlete which gives him additional advantage over others is known as _____________
A) dying
B) Doping
C) drug intak
D) Self-medication
  • 8. Restlessness is defined as ___________
A) the feeling of being helpless and unserious
B) the feeling of being unsettled unable to relax or still
C) a unifying force that brings together individuals from different backgrounds
D) the feeling of being hopeless and unbalanced
  • 9. Which of the following is not how to support a dying person
A) making necessary arrangements for the burial of the dead
B) Open up and previous hurting events and say 'I forgive you '.
C) Take revenge for all what they've done to you
D) making necessary arrangements for the burial of the dead
  • 10. The pole used in pole vault must be
A) foldable
B) elastic
C) made of iron
D) flexible
  • 11. Which of the following is not how to identify a drug addict
A) constant red eyes
B) white teeth
C) unusual sweating
D) bad personal hygiene
  • 12. W.H.O means ___________
A) World Hate Organization
B) World Health Organization
C) Women Health Organization
D) We Hate Organization
  • 13. Drugs are ingested into the body in ____ ways
A) 5
B) 2
C) 4
D) 3
  • 14. The object that a pole vaulter must lift himself over is known as __________
A) crossbar
B) crossbar support
C) fence
D) upright
  • 15. Narcotic drugs refer to drugs that are used for ___________
A) treating insomnia
B) hallucinations
C) pain relief
D) keeping someone awake
  • 16. Sports serves as a unifying force that brings together individuals from different backgrounds, cultures and ages
A) I don't know
B) Maybe
C) False
D) True
  • 17. ___________ is the process of growing old, decline on health or sudden death
A) Dying
B) Ageing
C) Old age
D) Sickness
  • 18. Which of the following is not an health agency
  • 19. Which of the following is a sign of a dying person
A) Blurred vision
B) All of the above.
C) Labored breathing
D) Weakness in all body parts
  • 20. All drugs contain medicine but not all medicine contain drugs
A) False
B) Maybe
C) I don't know.
D) True
  • 21. Pole vault is a _____________ event
A) outdoor
B) track
C) indoor
D) field
  • 22. Which of the following is not a reason people take drugs
A) To intimidate people
B) to overcome shyness
C) Peer group influence
D) because of frustration
  • 23. NDLEA means _____________
A) National Drug Law Enforcement Agency
B) Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency
C) National Drug Law Enforcement Administration
D) Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Administration
  • 24. Scurvy is caused by lack of _______________
A) vitamin F
B) vitamin C
C) vitamin J
D) vitamin K
  • 25. Which of the following is not the function of food in the body
A) It builds the body
B) It gives us energy to kill anybody
C) It protects the body from diseases
D) It satisfies hunger
  • 26. It gives us energy to kill anybody
A) it makes the body grow well
B) it promote good health
C) it reduce energy
D) it develops the body muscles
  • 27. Which class of food builds and repairs worn out tissues?
A) fats and oil
B) carbohydrates
C) vitamins
D) proteins
  • 28. Inorganic food can be obtained from _______________
A) dead plants
B) nonliving things
C) living things
D) air
  • 29. Which of the following commonly used drugs has no reasonable benefit?
A) Depressants
B) Narcotics
C) Hallucinogenic drugs
D) Stimulant
  • 30. Fats and oil is digested to ___________
A) amino acid
B) acid
C) fatty acids
D) glycerol
  • 31. Food can be classified into 3 groups which are
A) Energy giving food, body building food and protective food
B) Energy giving food, muscle building food and protective food
C) none of the above
D) Energy giving food, body building food and protective food
  • 32. Broken family and criminal activities are some of the good effects of drug abuse
A) No
B) I don’t know
C) Yes
D) Maybe
  • 33. Nutrition is __________
A) the science of food
B) the science of looking bigger
C) the science of sports
D) the science of preparing food
  • 34. Lack of proteins can cause _____________
A) night blindness
B) kwashiorkor
C) rickets
D) scurvy
  • 35. Protein is broken down in the body to give _________
A) fatty acids
B) amino acid
C) lipids
D) glycogen
  • 36. Protein can be gotten from the following except _____________
A) bread
B) vegetable
C) milk
D) meat
  • 37. ___________ is the breaking down of food materials which gives off energy
A) Catastrophism
B) Indigestion
C) Nutrition
D) Metabolism
  • 38. Organic food can be obtained from ________________
A) nonliving things
B) air
C) dead plants
D) living things
  • 39. Are roughages a class of food?
A) Yes
B) Maybe
C) No
D) I don’t know
  • 40. Sugarcane falls under which class of food?
A) carbohydrates
B) vitamins
C) vitamins
D) fats and oil
  • 41. Self-medication cannot cause unconditional death
A) I don’t know
B) No
C) Maybe
D) Yes
  • 42. We can get vitamins in abundance from ______________
A) Fish
B) Milk
C) fruits
D) Vegetable
  • 43. Water is not an important class of food
A) Maybe
B) No
C) I don’t know
D) Yes
  • 44. Which class of food gives us energy?
A) carbohydrates
B) proteins
C) fats and oil
D) vitamins
  • 45. ____________________ is a lack of one or more essential nutrients that the body needs to function properly
A) Virus
B) Not eating well
C) Deficiency
D) Disease
  • 46. Lack of _______________ causes night blindness
A) vitamin B
B) vitamin C
C) vitamin D
D) vitamin A
  • 47. Beverages falls under which class of food?
A) water
B) fats and oil
C) carbohydrates
D) proteins
  • 48. Because sports and exercises are strenuous, we shouldn’t engage in them
A) Maybe
B) No
C) No
D) I don’t know
  • 49. All sports require a referee
A) No
B) Yes
C) Maybe
D) I don’t know
  • 50. It is good to pity your opponent when engaging in sports
A) No
B) Maybe
C) I don’t know
D) Yes
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