Northumbria & Mercia founded
  • 1. Which two kingdoms were established during the Anglo-Saxon Heptarchy period?
A) Kent & Sussex
B) Wessex & East Anglia
C) Essex & Bernicia
D) Northumbria & Mercia
  • 2. In which region was the kingdom of Mercia located?
A) Southern England
B) Northern England
C) Western England
D) Central England
  • 3. Who was the first king of Northumbria?
A) Alfred
B) Edwin
C) Offa
D) Ida
  • 4. Which famous monastery was located in Northumbria during the Anglo-Saxon period?
A) Canterbury
B) Lindisfarne
C) Glastonbury
D) Whitby
  • 5. Which Mercian king was known for his coinage reform and strong rule?
A) Ceolwulf
B) Penda
C) Offa
D) Wulfhere
  • 6. Which Viking king captured York from Northumbria in the 9th century?
A) Ragnar Lodbrok
B) Olaf Tryggvason
C) Ivar the Boneless
D) Bjorn Ironside
  • 7. In which battle did the Northumbrians defeat the Picts in the 7th century?
A) Brunanburh
B) Nechtansmere
C) Maserfield
D) Dyrham
  • 8. During the Viking Age, which kingdom was absorbed into the Kingdom of England, marking the end of its independence?
A) Mercia
B) Wessex
C) East Anglia
D) Northumbria
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