Cleopatra and Caesar
  • 1. What year did Cleopatra and Julius Caesar first meet?
A) 52 BC
B) 40 BC
C) 45 BC
D) 48 BC
  • 2. How old was Cleopatra when she first met Julius Caesar?
A) 18
B) 25
C) 30
D) 21
  • 3. What was the name of Cleopatra and Caesar's son?
A) Caesarion
B) Ptolemy
C) Antony
D) Octavian
  • 4. After Caesar's death, which Roman leader did Cleopatra become romantically involved with?
A) Augustus
B) Mark Antony
C) Cassius
D) Brutus
  • 5. Where did Cleopatra and Mark Antony meet for the first time?
A) Carthage
B) Tarsus
C) Athens
D) Alexandria
  • 6. What ancient Egyptian queen was Cleopatra often compared to?
A) Hatshepsut
B) Nefertiti
C) Cleopatra VII
D) Cleopatra I
  • 7. Who was Cleopatra's father?
A) Ptolemy XV
B) Ptolemy XII
C) Ptolemy XIV
D) Ptolemy XIII
  • 8. What was Cleopatra's native language?
A) Arabic
B) Egyptian
C) Latin
D) Greek
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