Ancient China Check
  • 1. This philosophy teaches that finding balance and joy and life is important:
A) Confucianism
B) Legalism
C) Taoism
  • 2. This philosophy teaches that helping and respecting others is the key to life:
A) Confucianism
B) Legalism
C) Taoism
  • 3. This philosophy teaches that people are "bad" and must be controlled by rules and laws:
A) Buddihism
B) Legalism
C) Taoism
  • 4. This is the ancient Chinese practice of using needles to control pain:
A) acupuncture
B) Mandate of Heaven
C) great sorrow
  • 5. This was the idea that the Emperors were told to rule from the gods in heaven:
A) Mandate of Heaven
B) Monarchy Rule
C) Great Sorrow
  • 6. The SILK ROAD provided an exchange of:
A) resources and ideas
B) gold and silver
C) only silk
  • 7. The Great Wall of China today is:
A) the longest structure ever built
B) destroyed and gone
C) a protective barrier
  • 8. The "Great Sorrow" refers to:
A) the death of a loved one
B) the flooding of the river
C) the hardship of war
  • 9. This is the "go in, never come out" area of China:
A) Yellow Sea
B) Gobi Desert
C) Taklamaken Desert
  • 10. This is the sign of the emperors and became the nickname for China:
A) Dragon
B) Silkworm
C) Eagle
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