Tales of a 4th (Chap. 7 and 8)
  • 1. What was Peter's committiee's project over?
A) free taxis
B) a monorail
C) polution
D) parks and railroads
  • 2. The books that they checked out at the library covered all of these except which one?
A) pollution
B) speed
C) wrecks
D) traffic congestions
  • 3. Why does Sheila think she is smarter than Jimmy and Peter?
A) Her mother told her she is.
B) She is a girl.
C) She always tell them she is.
D) She gets better grades.
  • 4. What is traffic congestion?
A) It is when cars give off to much congestion.
B) It is when cars are dangerously driving.
C) It is when cars are bumper to bumper.
D) It is pollution caused by a lot of cars.
  • 5. Sheila says that she wants a "good mark." What is that?
A) clean paper
B) good grade
C) everything is turned in on time
D) neat handwriting
  • 6. How many pages do each of the boys have to write?
A) None, they are doing the poster.
B) five
C) twenty
D) ten
  • 7. How many pages does Sheila have to write?
A) ten
B) twenty
C) fifteen
D) five
  • 8. What does practical mean?
A) It means that your friends help you.
B) You practice before you actually do it.
C) It means that you should get together with your friends in a committee.
D) It is realistic and it makes sense.
  • 9. Who copied everyone's report?
A) Peter
B) Sheila
C) Fudge
D) Jimmy
  • 10. Why do Jimmy and Peter not like working with Sheila
A) She does more work.
B) She plays the cooties game all the time.
C) She is too bossy.
D) She said that she wrote all the report.
  • 11. What looked like a flying train?
A) a bus
B) a train
C) a truck
D) a monorail
  • 12. Where did they meet to work on their project?
A) Peter's house
B) the library
C) Jimmy's house
D) Sheila's house
  • 13. How did Fudge get into Peter's room?
A) He sneaked in.
B) He pushed the door open.
C) His mother let him in.
D) He hid under the bed and snuck out.
  • 14. An oral report is......?
A) To
B) To listen to a recording.
C) To write what you are thinking.
D) To read or speak aloud.
  • 15. What does the idiom, "Put on her face," mean?
A) Slap someone.
B) Wear a mask around.
C) Put on a bunch of make-up.
D) Brush your hair.
  • 16. What did Sheila change, "Handwritten by Miss Sheila Tubman," into?
A) lines
B) stars
C) flowers
D) books
  • 17. Which is a true statement?
A) Peter and Jimmy locked Fudge out of his room.
B) Peter's Mom got a lock for Peter.
C) Peter's dad brought home a chain latch for Peter's door.
D) Peter cut Fudge's hair after he ruined their poster.
  • 18. Whom did Peter's mom go to visit?
A) Her sister
B) Her aunt
C) Her brother
D) Her friend
  • 19. Where does Aunt Linda live?
A) Boston
B) California
C) Florida Baby!
D) Central Park
  • 20. How did the Toddle-Bike Company get Fudge to ride the bike?
A) His dad threatened to spank him.
B) Peter had to help show him how.
C) They told him the woudl give him money.
D) They game him the bike as a reward.
  • 21. Who is the president of Toddle-Bike?
A) Mr. Hoggleheimer
B) Mr. Vincent
C) Janet Johnson
D) Mr. Denberg
  • 22. What did Janet try to bribe Fudge with?
A) Mt. Dew
B) Chocolate
C) Pizza
D) Oreos
  • 23. Janet gave Peter a kiss on the cheek because he, "Saved the day!"
A) True
B) False
  • 24. Why were all the moms with their kids at Peter's Dad's work?
A) They heard they were giving out Toddle-Bikes
B) They wanted to be the first to ride on the Toddle-Bikes
C) They wanted to be in the commercial.
  • 25. Why did Peter's mom leave?
A) She won a vacation from work.
B) To go visit her sister who had a baby.
C) She wanted a break from work.
D) She wanted to go skiing.
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