• 1. Pick the answer that has all the nouns from the provided sentences
  • 2. My dog ran across the street to see his friend.
A) dog, see, across
B) street, friend
C) dog, street, friend
D) dog, friend
  • 3. The Coke tasted really good after running in the race.
A) Coke, race
B) Coke, after
C) Coke, race, after
D) running, tasted
  • 4. Freezing the juice was a great idea.
A) freezing, idea
B) juice
C) great, freezing
D) juice, idea
  • 5. Henry went to the baseball game to see the Giants play.
A) Henry, game, Giants
B) went, see
C) Giants, baseball
D) the, to, Giants
  • 6. Happy, my dog, loves to eat poop and grass.
A) poop
B) loves, eat, Happy
C) Happy, dog, poop, grass
D) Happy, my, grass
  • 7. How can the Steelers lose to that crummy team?
A) team
B) Steelers, team
C) crummy, lose
D) crummy team
  • 8. Pizza Hut has a new pizza with popcorn and cheese.
A) cheese, Pizza Hut
B) Pizza Hut, pizza, popcorn, cheese
C) Pizza Hut
D) popcorn, cheese, pizza
  • 9. Can a car really go faster than Superman?
A) car
B) really, faster
C) Superman
D) car, Superman
  • 10. Camino Pablo is a wonderful place to eat lunch.
A) Camino Pablo, place
B) place, lunch
C) eat
D) Camino Pablo, lunch, place
  • 11. Mr. Jones, the mayor of Richmond, loves to eat cookies.
A) mayor, Mr. Jones
B) Jones, cookies, Richmond
C) Mr. Jones, mayor, Richmond, cookies
D) cookies, mayor
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