pp mc2
  • 1. One of the major functions of political parties is to recruit and nominate
A) officeholders
B) bureaucrats
C) candidates
D) presidents
  • 2. Political parties educate the electorate. Who does the electorate refer to?
A) people younger than 18
B) only the media
C) only their own party
D) group of people who can vote
  • 3. One way that parties try to win elections is by
A) appealing to the far left
B) appealing to extremist views
C) appealing to the far right
D) appealing to the political center
  • 4. The American political system is characterized by a
A) multi-party system
B) single-party system
C) two -party system
D) numerous-party system
  • 5. Which political party is considered to be conservative
A) Republican
B) Democrat
  • 6. Which political party is considered to be liberal
A) Democrat
B) Republican
  • 7. A party platform would
A) only state new ideas for that political party
B) state only how one party is similar to the other political party
C) state a political parties' position on certain issues
  • 8. A candidate is
A) someone that has already one the political office
B) an officeholder
C) someone running for political office
  • 9. Third parties
A) almost always win elections
B) normally win congressional elections
C) rarely win elections
D) support either the Republican or Democratic party
  • 10. What helps provide opportunities for citizens to participate in the political process?
A) political center
B) party platforms
C) political parties
D) two-party system
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