TEKS 6.8 and 6.10 Speed and Earth
Which Layer of earth is the hottest?
Outer Core
Inner Core
A person leaving home, going 
to the store and back home again
A man walking back home
from the store
A space shuttle landing
Which of the following best 
describes the motion shown
in this graph line?
A man leaving home and
going to the store
Which layer is made mostly
of Oxygen and Silicon?
Outer Core
Inner Core
Which line shows a 
car moving faster?
Car A and Car B
Car A is faster
Car B is faster
both the same speed
Which layer includes
the asthenosphere?
layer A
layer D
layer B
layer C
The densest layer is pulled to the
bottom by gravity.  
Which layer of the Earth
is the most dense?
Outer Core
Inner Core
To find the speed of an object you 
need to measure.....
distance and direction
time and direction
mass and time
distance and time
What gas makes up a majority of Earth'satmosphere?
oxygen O2
argon   Ar 
nitrogen N2
carbon dioxide CO2

  Label which picture has kinetic energy,

 and which picture has potential energy

 in the diagram below.  Slide the box under the picture

Which diagram best represents the levels 
of organization in an ecosystem?
A) Water

B) Atoms

  • All matter is made of ________

C) Air

D) Vibrations
That the crust is the innermost layer
that it consists of 4 layers, inner core,
outer core, mantle and crust
If you built a model of Earth what would
it tell you about Earth's structure?
That the Earth's crust is the thickest layer of Earth
That it only has 2 layers Core and crust
hot but solid rock that has convection currents
dry land and ocean floor
molten metal
a dense, solid metal ball
Which best describes the mantle?
The brick is pulled up an inclined plane.At what point does the brick have the greatest amount of potential energy
at the top of  the inclined plane
at the bottom of the inclined plane
at the center of the inclined plane
it doesn't have potential energy
Which layer of Earth is thickest
Inner Core
Outer Core
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