• 1. What is the capital of Iowa?
A) Davenport
B) Des Moines
C) Iowa City
D) Cedar Rapids
  • 2. Which river forms part of Iowa's eastern border?
A) Mississippi River
B) Missouri River
C) Arkansas River
D) Ohio River
  • 3. What is the nickname of Iowa?
A) Land of Lakes
B) Prairie State
C) Corn State
D) Hawkeye State
  • 4. Which university is located in Iowa City?
A) Drake University
B) Iowa State University
C) University of Iowa
D) Cornell College
  • 5. In which year did Iowa become a state?
A) 1846
B) 1901
C) 1863
D) 1820
  • 6. What is the highest point in Iowa?
A) Pikes Peak
B) Mount Rushmore
C) Mount McKinley
D) Hawkeye Point
  • 7. Which crop is Iowa the largest producer of in the United States?
A) Wheat
B) Soybeans
C) Rice
D) Corn
  • 8. Which famous event takes place annually in August in Des Moines, Iowa?
A) Iowa State Fair
B) Iowa Corn Festival
C) Iowa Craft Beer Festival
D) Des Moines Arts Festival
  • 9. What is the official state rock of Iowa?
A) Marble
B) Geode
C) Granite
D) Limestone
  • 10. What is the official state flower of Iowa?
A) Wild Rose
B) Tulip
C) Sunflower
D) Daisy
  • 11. Which U.S. president was born in Iowa?
A) Thomas Jefferson
B) Abraham Lincoln
C) George Washington
D) Herbert Hoover
  • 12. What is the Iowa state tree?
A) Pine
B) Oak
C) Birch
D) Maple
  • 13. Which river forms part of Iowa's western border?
A) Missouri River
B) Ohio River
C) Mississippi River
D) Columbia River
  • 14. What is the population rank of Iowa among U.S. states?
A) 15th
B) 8th
C) 30th
D) 40th
  • 15. What is the annual cycling event that takes place in Iowa each summer?
A) Giro d'Italia
B) Vuelta a EspaƱa
D) Tour de France
  • 16. In which Iowa city is the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library located?
A) Dubuque
B) Sioux City
C) Cedar Rapids
D) Waterloo
  • 17. Which industry is a significant contributor to Iowa's economy?
A) Technology
B) Finance
C) Entertainment
D) Agriculture
  • 18. Which of the following is a city in Iowa famous for its Field of Dreams movie site?
A) Ames
B) Waterloo
C) Dyersville
D) Council Bluffs
  • 19. When is Iowa's State Fair typically held?
A) October
B) August
C) September
D) June
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