Festivity Test
  • 1. When is Halloween Celebrated?
A) april 23th
B) October 31th
C) November 1st
D) November 2nd
  • 2. Where is "LA TOMATINA" celebrated?
A) New york
B) Chile
C) Spain
D) Mexico
  • 3. Write a paragraph between 80 to 100 words about your favorite festivity.
  • 4. Explain in no more than 50 words what "Holi" Indian celebration consists of.
  • 5. In ............ people wear costumes and masks.
A) Halloween
B) La Tomatina
C) Holi
D) Saint Patrick's Day
  • 6. True or false: Oktoberfest is celebrated in Rio de Janeiro
A) False
B) True
  • 7. True or false: Chinese New year is celebrated between middle January to middle February.
A) False
B) True
  • 8. This image is..
A) Yi Peng Lantern Festival
B) Burning Man Festival
C) The carnival of venice
D) Holi
  • 9. Name 3 relevant characteristics of Burning Man Festival
  • 10. Name 3 characteristics of Carnival of Oruro
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