Rocks and Minerals
  • 1. melted rock above ground
A) igneous
B) metamorphic
C) lava
D) magma
  • 2. melted rock below ground
A) igneous
B) magma
C) metamorphic
D) lava
  • 3. rock formed from magma or lava when it cools
A) sedimentary
B) metamorphic
C) sandstone
D) igneous
  • 4. rock formed when another rock is pressed by heat and pressure.
A) metamorphic
B) shale
C) sedimentary
D) igneous
  • 5. rock formed from existing rock when the temperature or pressure changes
A) slate
B) sedimentary
C) metamorphic
D) igneous
  • 6. the picture shows creation the first rock
A) schist
B) igneous
C) pumice
D) fossil
  • 7. the rocks are pushed back down to form
A) igneous rocks
B) metamorphic rocks
C) cement
D) sedimentary rocks
  • 8. the rain from the sky in this photo helps in forming
A) sedimentary rocks
B) sand
C) metamorphic rocks
D) igneous rocks
  • 9. what rock is this
A) sulfur
B) obsidian
C) gneiss
D) graphite
  • 10. what rock is this
A) conglomerate
B) obsidian
C) gneiss
D) graphite
  • 11. this moving water is what cause
A) erosion
B) swimming
C) fishing
D) rocks to speak
  • 12. They way light reflects off of minerals
A) change
B) reflection
C) luster
D) heating
  • 13. The scratch test, test the mineral's
A) texture
B) hardness
C) color
D) luster
  • 14. Which can be called a property of rocks
A) texture
B) photo
C) sinking ability
D) age
  • 15. The photo above, is an example of a
A) tornado
B) tsunami
C) volcano
D) hurricane
  • 16. This photo is a
A) stone
B) rock
C) fish
D) fossil
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Answer Key
1.C   2.B   3.D   4.A   5.B   6.B   7.B   8.A   9.B   10.A   11.A   12.C   13.B   14.A   15.C   16.D  
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