Emperor Meiji restored after centuries of Shogun rule
  • 1. Who was the Emperor of Japan restored after centuries of Shogun rule?
A) Emperor Hirohito
B) Emperor Meiji
C) Emperor Naruhito
D) Emperor Akihito
  • 2. In what century did Emperor Meiji restore power in Japan?
A) 18th century
B) 20th century
C) 19th century
D) 16th century
  • 3. Who was the last Shogun in Japan before Emperor Meiji's restoration?
A) Toyotomi Hideyoshi
B) Tokugawa Ieyasu
C) Oda Nobunaga
D) Tokugawa Yoshinobu
  • 4. What was the name of the era established under Emperor Meiji's rule?
A) Edo era
B) Meiji era
C) Taisho era
D) Heian era
  • 5. During Emperor Meiji's reign, Japan underwent a period of modernization known as?
A) Sengoku Period
B) Edo Restoration
C) Meiji Restoration
D) Edo Period
  • 6. Emperor Meiji's restoration in Japan marked the end of which period?
A) Muromachi period
B) Sengoku period
C) Edo period
D) Heian period
  • 7. Emperor Meiji moved the imperial capital from Kyoto to which city?
A) Hiroshima
B) Osaka
C) Tokyo
D) Nagoya
  • 8. Under Emperor Meiji, Japan adopted a constitution influenced by which country's model?
A) Britain
B) France
C) Prussia
D) Russia
  • 9. Who was known as the leader of the restoration movement that helped Emperor Meiji regain power?
A) Tokugawa Ieyasu
B) Saigo Takamori
C) Toyotomi Hideyoshi
D) Oda Nobunaga
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