Zambezi River
  • 1. Where is the Zambezi River located?
A) Africa
B) Asia
C) South America
D) Europe
  • 2. Which of the following countries does the Zambezi River flow through?
A) Australia
B) Canada
C) Zambia
D) Russia
  • 3. Which iconic waterfall is located on the Zambezi River?
A) Iguazu Falls
B) Niagara Falls
C) Angel Falls
D) Victoria Falls
  • 4. Which dam on the Zambezi River is one of the largest in Africa?
A) Kariba Dam
B) Itaipu Dam
C) Hoover Dam
D) Three Gorges Dam
  • 5. Who is credited with being the first European to see the Zambezi River?
A) Marco Polo
B) Christopher Columbus
C) Vasco da Gama
D) David Livingstone
  • 6. What economic activity is supported by the Zambezi River for local communities?
A) Textile manufacturing
B) Agriculture
C) Oil drilling
D) Diamond mining
  • 7. What is the primary cause of biodiversity loss in the Zambezi River basin?
A) Zombie outbreak
B) Alien invasion
C) Volcanic eruptions
D) Deforestation
  • 8. Which ocean does the Zambezi River ultimately flow into?
A) Atlantic Ocean
B) Arctic Ocean
C) Pacific Ocean
D) Indian Ocean
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