• 1. Which country is Lyons located in?
A) Spain
B) Germany
C) France
D) Italy
  • 2. What is the official language of Lyons?
A) French
B) German
C) Italian
D) English
  • 3. What is the currency used in Lyons?
A) Dollar
B) Euro
C) Yen
D) Pound
  • 4. Which famous festival takes place in Lyons every December?
A) Oktoberfest
B) Festival of Lights
C) Carnival
D) Bastille Day
  • 5. Which famous chef is associated with Lyons cuisine?
A) Jamie Oliver
B) Paul Bocuse
C) Gordon Ramsay
D) Julia Child
  • 6. Which architectural style is prominent in Lyons?
A) Baroque
B) Modernist
C) Renaissance
D) Gothic
  • 7. Which silk industry was historically important in Lyons?
A) Linen production
B) Cotton spinning
C) Silk weaving
D) Wool processing
  • 8. Which famous French resistance leader was born in Lyons?
A) Simone de Beauvoir
B) Jean Moulin
C) Charles de Gaulle
D) Josephine Baker
  • 9. Which international organization is headquartered in Lyons?
B) Interpol
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