• 1. Where is Nagapattinam located?
A) Karnataka
B) Kerala
C) Andhra Pradesh
D) Tamil Nadu
  • 2. What is the main occupation of people in Nagapattinam?
A) Fishing
B) Textile manufacturing
C) Mining
D) Agriculture
  • 3. Which major river flows through Nagapattinam district?
A) Yamuna
B) Godavari
C) Ganges
D) Cauvery
  • 4. Nagapattinam is known for its historic connection with which country?
A) France
B) Spain
C) Russia
D) China
  • 5. Which district was Nagapattinam part of before becoming a separate district?
A) Coimbatore
B) Chennai
C) Madurai
D) Thanjavur
  • 6. Which sea borders Nagapattinam district?
A) Bay of Bengal
B) Mediterranean Sea
C) Indian Ocean
D) Arabian Sea
  • 7. In which year did the devastating tsunami hit Nagapattinam?
A) 2004
B) 2015
C) 2010
D) 1999
  • 8. What is the traditional attire worn by women in Nagapattinam?
A) Skirt and blouse
B) Jeans and a t-shirt
C) Salwar kameez
D) Saree
  • 9. What is the primary language spoken in Nagapattinam?
A) Tamil
B) Kannada
C) Malayalam
D) Telugu
  • 10. Which is the nearest airport to Nagapattinam?
A) Tiruchirappalli International Airport
B) Madurai International Airport
C) Coimbatore International Airport
D) Chennai International Airport
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