• 1. The Philippine constitution guarantees the right of all citizens to quality education at?
A) the graduate level
B) All levels
C) the basic education level
D) tertiary
  • 2. Article IV, Section 2 of the Philippine Constitution provides for free and compulsory education in the?
A) Elementary level
B) Elementary & Secondary levels
C) secondary level
D) Tertiary level
  • 3. Who among the following is NOT within the category of "teacher" as provided for under Magna Carta for Public School Teachers?
A) school librian
B) guidance counselors
C) school principal
D) School nurse
  • 4. The gradual progression of teacher's salary from minimum to a maximum is done through
A) a regular increment every year
B) an increment after five years
C) a increment after ten years of service
D) a regular increment every 3 years
  • 5. A teacher who possesses the minimum qualifications but lacks the appropriate civil service eligibility can be appointed on a basis
A) contractual basis
B) Provisional
C) permanent
D) Substitute
  • 6. Magna Carta for Pulsic School Teachers recognizes the following with the exception of one. Which is the exception?
A) Education is an essential factor in the economic growth of the nation.
B) Quality education depends primarily on the quality of socio-economic status of teachers
C) Education is development and vice-versa.
D) Advancement in education depends on the teachers qualifications and ability
  • 7. The rights of parents are guaranteed under Education Act of 1922 more particulary, in terms of
A) the right to academic freedom
B) the right to privacy of communication
C) the right to full access to the evidence of the case
D) the right seek redress of grievance
  • 8. The rights of students to receive relevant quality education is primarily achieved through
A) school-community relations
B) competent administrator
C) Strong curriculum
D) competent instruction
  • 9. To promote teachers welfare and defend their interests, teachers have the right to.
A) be promoted in rank and salary
B) undergo and participate in professional development
C) establish, join, and maintain professional & self-regulating organizations
D) regulate their social involvement
  • 10. Career lines for teachers include the following EXCEPT ONE Which is this?
A) school adminstration
B) curiculum developer
C) classroom teaching
D) counselor
  • 11. What does Teachers are persons in authority" mean?
A) Decisions made by teachers are deemed right
B) Teachers cannot be changed.
C) No person can assault a teacher
D) Teachers have immunity from arrest
  • 12. Who is considered a professional teacher?
A) a teacher who has attended national seminars on teaching
B) A teacher who qualifies for a permanent position under R. A. 4670
C) an education graduated who receive honnors
D) A teacher who has taught for at least six years
  • 13. Who are covered by R. A. 46707
A) Teachers in all public elementary schools
B) Teachers in both public and private schools
C) Teachers in all levels
D) Teachers in public elementary and secondary schools
  • 14. A teacher who has been in achieve service for 10 years decided to pursue higher studies. Under RA.4670, what kind of leave of absence can that teacher avail of?
A) Study leave
B) indefinite leave
C) scholarship leave
D) vacation leave
  • 15. When can teachers be required to work on assignment not related to their duties?
A) When found efficient
B) When lacking in eduction qualifications
C) When on probation
D) When compensated under existing laws
  • 16. A teacher who served for 7 straight years is entitled to take a study leave with pay for one year. How much pay at the teacher antilled to receive?
A) 100% of mothly salary
B) 60%
C) 70% of mothly salary
D) 50% of mothly salary
  • 17. The term "Commission" in the Teachers Profesionalization Act of 1994 refers to
A) Professional Regulation Commission
B) National Teachers Commission
C) Commission of Civil Service
D) Commission on Higher Education
  • 18. The term "Board" in the Teachers Professionalization Act of 1994 refers to
A) Board of Teachers
B) Board of Professional Touchers
C) Board of National Examination
D) Board of Professionalism
  • 19. The following "EXCEPT ONE comprise what is defined under Governance Act of 2001 as "basic education."Which is this?
A) elementary education
B) special education
C) Elementary & secondary education
D) Early education childhood
  • 20. Which of the following laws strengthens teacher education in the Philippines through the stablishment of centers of excellence
A) R.A 7734
B) R.A 7796
C) R.A 7722
D) R.A 7764
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