Science Final Exam 20-21
  • 1. Which of the following is an artificial light source?
A) Rocket
B) Sun
C) Light Bulb
D) Moon
  • 2. Why does refraction occur?
A) Different colors of light travel at different speeds.
B) Light travels through different materials at different speeds
C) Different materials physically twist light around.
D) Light from different sources travels at different rates
  • 3. When you look at your teacher's face, how can you see it?
A) Light reflects off of her face
B) Light refracts through her face
C) Her face emanates light.
D) Her face emits electromagnetic radiation
  • 4. Light can behave as both a ______ and a _______.
A) Ray; beam
B) Wave; particle
C) Natural source; unnatural source
D) Refraction; reflection
  • 5. What is matter? Choose the best answer.
A) Anything that can be seen
B) Anything that is solid
C) Anything that takes up space
D) Anything that has a fixed volume
  • 6. What happens to the chemical structure of water when it changes state?
A) Water molecules melt into gas molecules
B) Water molecules break apart to form individual atoms.
C) Water molecules harden into ice molecules
D) Nothing happens to the chemical structure
  • 7. In what way are liquids different from solids?
A) Liquids don't have a fixed shape; solids do
B) Liquids are made of atoms; solids are made of molecules
C) Liquids are always denser than solids.
D) Liquid molecules are lighter than solid molecules
  • 8. What will happen if you keep increasing the temperature of a liquid?
A) It will transpire
B) It will boil and become a gas
C) It will remain a liquid
D) It will solidify
  • 9. Water's chemical formula is "H2O." What does this mean?
A) A gram of water contains 20 hydrogen atoms
B) Water is composed of hydrogen molecules and oxygen molecules
C) Each water molecule contains two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom
D) Water molecules cannot be split into smaller pieces
  • 10. What do lightning and stars have in common?
A) Both contain all three states of matter
B) Both contain plasma
C) Both have a fixed volume
D) Both have no electrical charge
  • 11. What is the basic shape of a liquid?
A) A canyon ball
B) A Sphere
C) Whatever shape its container is
D) A cube
  • 12. How can you remove energy from matter?
A) By lowering its temperature
B) By increasing its pressure
C) By boiling it
D) By increasing its volume
  • 13. Where would you find a Bose-Einstein condensate?
A) In a Space Mountain
B) In Wakanda
C) At the North Pole
D) In a science lab
  • 14. Gases have a tendency to expand. What's the best synonym for "expand?"
A) Crash
B) Work
C) Spread out
D) Collide
  • 15. What is energy? Choose the best answer.
A) Anything that travels in the form of a wave.
B) Any object in motion.
C) Anything that makes matter move or change.
D) Anything that radiates light or heat
  • 16. Which of these objects has kinetic energy?
A) A ball moving through the air.
B) A ball buried underground.
C) A ball sitting on the edge of a cliff
D) A ball sitting on a table
  • 17. What is the difference between kinetic energy and potential energy?
A) Kinetic energy has to do with chemistry; potential energy has to do with physics
B) Kinetic energy is the energy of objects at rest; potential energy is the energy of objects in motion.
C) Potential energy is the energy of objects at rest; kinetic energy is the energy of objects in motion.
D) Potential energy has to do with chemistry; kinetic energy has to do with physics.
  • 18. Which of the following objects has the most potential energy?
A) A ball sitting on a mountaintop
B) A ball sitting on a table
C) A ball resting on the ground
D) A ball that's been thrown into the air
  • 19. Which of the following terms is synonymous with potential energy?
A) Stored energy
B) Light energy
C) Kinetic energy
D) Motion energy
  • 20. What would happen if you didn't have chemical energy in your body? Choose the best answer.
A) You wouldn't be able to sleep
B) You wouldn´t be able to fly
C) You wouldn't be able to think
D) You wouldn't be able to move
  • 21. What is the primary source of all light energy on earth?
A) The Sun
B) A Thunder
C) The Moon
D) A Lightning
  • 22. Which of the following is an opinion about energy?
A) Solar energy can be used to power people's homes
B) Kinetic energy is the energy of motion
C) Chemical energy is the most important source of energy
D) Power plants and batteries supply us with electrical energy
  • 23. What do wind and moving water have in common?
A) They both have nuclear energy
B) They both have chemical energy
C) They both have mechanical energy.
D) They both have light energy.
  • 24. How is nuclear energy released?
A) By chemicals mixing
B) By moving turbines
C) By burning fuel
D) By atoms fusing together or splitting apart
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