Winn Dixie final Comprehension Test
  • 1. Where did Opal meet Winn Dixie?
A) In the grocery store
B) At the trailer park
C) In the woods
D) In the mall
  • 2. What animal does Opal compare her father to?
A) An elephant
B) A turtle
C) A beaver
D) A snail
  • 3. Which of the following is NOT a flavor that is tasted in a Littmus Lozenge?
A) Vanilla
B) Root beer
C) Strawberry
D) Sorrow
  • 4. Who is Carson?
A) Opal's mother
B) Amanda's uncle
C) Amanda's brother
D) Sweetie Pie's brother
  • 5. Which of the following is NOT true about Opal's mama?
A) She was a good cook
B) She liked to plant things
C) She had freckles
D) She was fast
  • 6. What is Winn Dixie afraid of?
A) Parrots
B) Thunderstorms
C) Mice
D) The Preacher
  • 7. What kind of animal is Gertrude in the pet store?
A) A gerbil
B) A parrot
C) A rabbit
D) A snake
  • 8. What did Miss Franny mistake Winn Dixie for when she first saw him?
A) A man
B) A mountain lion
C) A rhinoceros
D) A bear
  • 9. What does Otis love more than anything else?
A) Playing sports
B) Talking to people
C) Playing music
D) Going to church
  • 10. What did the taste of the Littmus Lozenge make Gloria Dump think of?
A) Being in jail
B) People leaving
C) Being paralyzed
D) Her brother dying
  • 11. What book did Opal read to Gloria Dump?
A) Pride and Prejudice
B) To Kill A Mockingbird
C) Wuthering Heights
D) Gone with the Wind
  • 12. Which of the following is NOT a reason that Opal feels sadness?
A) Her mama left her
B) She misses her brother
C) She had to move away from all her friends
D) The Dewberry brothers pick on her
  • 13. Why did Amanda Wilkinson look 'pinch-faced'?
A) Her brother died
B) She had no friends
C) She was really mean
D) Her mother left her
  • 14. Which of the following is NOT true about Winn Dixie?
A) He likes peanut butter
B) He likes to be alone
C) He snores
D) He smiles with all of his teeth
  • 15. What did the Preacher think of when he tasted a Littmus Lozenge?
A) Winn Dixie
B) Opal's mother
C) His sermon
D) Leaving Watley
  • 16. Who was NOT at the party at the end of the story?
A) Preacher
B) Franny Block
C) Stevie Dewberry
D) Opal's mother
  • 17. What did Sweetie Pie Thomas plan to have as the theme for her birthday party?
A) Winnie the Pooh
B) Mermaids
C) Pink
D) Cats
  • 18. What do the animals at Gertrude's Pet Store do when Otis plays his guitar?
A) Dance around the store
B) Start to sing
C) Escape from their cages
D) Sit like they have been turned into stone
  • 19. Which of following is NOT hanging from the tree in Gloria Dump's yard?
A) Beer bottles
B) Wine bottles
C) Water bottles
D) Whiskey bottles
  • 20. What did Gloria Dump feed Winn Dixie on the first day they met?
A) Cheese
B) Peanut butter
C) Littmus Lozenge
D) Bacon
  • 21. What did Winn Dixie NOT do in church the first time he goes?
A) Howl loudly
B) Eat a rat
C) Smile at the Preacher
D) Catch a mouse
  • 22. Where did the Open Arms Baptist Church meet on Sundays?
A) The Littmus W. Block Memorial Library
B) The Friendly Corners Trailer Park
C) The Pick-It-Quick store
D) The Winn Dixie grocery store
  • 23. What war did Littmus W. Block fight in?
A) World War I
B) Civil War
C) Revolutionary War
D) World War II
  • 24. Who was the FIRST friend Opal made after meeting Winn Dixie?
A) Miss Franny Block
B) Gloria Dump
C) Amanda Wilkinson
D) Sweetie Pie Thomas
  • 25. What sadness does Sweetie Pie Thomas think of when she tastes a Littmus Lozenge
A) Not having a dog
B) Her brother dying
C) Her mama leaving
D) Not having a sister
  • 26. Where was Winn Dixie hiding at the end of the story?
A) In Opal's trailer
B) Under Gloria Dump's bed
C) In the library
D) In Gertrude's Pet Store
  • 27. Why did Otis go to jail?
A) Stealing
B) Refusing to stop playing his guitar
C) Killing someone
D) Hurting an animal
  • 28. What problem does Gloria Dump have?
A) Cancer
B) Broken leg
C) Poor eyesight
D) Poor hearing
  • 29. How was Miss Franny related to Littmus W. Block?
A) He is her cousin
B) He was her great- grandfather
C) He is her uncle
D) He is her brother
  • 30. What did the Littmus Lozenge make Otis think of?
A) Being in jail
B) Missing his mama
C) Being in the pet store
D) His wife leaving
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