• 1. What is a sari?
A) A traditional Indian garment
B) Food dish
C) Dance form
D) Type of hat
  • 2. Which fabric is commonly used to make a sari?
A) Polyester
B) Denim
C) Leather
D) Silk
  • 3. What is a pallu in a sari?
A) A type of jewelry
B) The loose end of the sari draped over the shoulder
C) A spice
D) A dance move
  • 4. What is the sari drape style widely worn in Maharashtra, India?
A) Lehenga
B) Nauvari
C) Churidar
D) Anarkali
  • 5. What is the blouse worn with a sari called?
A) Choli
B) Dress
C) Shirt
D) Tunic
  • 6. Which fabric is commonly used for daily wear saris?
A) Cotton
B) Metallic
C) Velvet
D) Fur
  • 7. What type of sari is typically worn by brides in South India?
A) Linen
B) Jersey
C) Kanjivaram
D) Denim
  • 8. Which type of sari is known for its tie-dye technique?
A) Brocade
B) Bandhani
C) Chiffon
D) Georgette
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