Australia - Government & Economy
  • 1. Australia has _____ states.
A) zero
B) six
C) ten
D) fifty
  • 2. Who is the figurehead leader of Australia?
A) the President
B) the Prime Minister
C) Parliament
D) Queen Elizabeth II
  • 3. Which of these describes the type of government in Australia?
A) Unitary Parliamentary Autocracy
B) Confederation
C) Federal Presidential Democracy
D) Federal Parliamentary Democracy
  • 4. Who elects the members of Parliament?
A) the Prime Minister
B) the Ministry
C) Queen Elizabeth II
D) the citizens 18 years or older
  • 5. Who selects the Prime Minister of Australia?
A) the members of Parliament
B) the Governor-General
C) the Ministry
D) the citizens 18 years or older
  • 6. What are the two sections of Parliament in Australia called?
A) majority and minority
B) Bundestag and Bundesrat
C) Prime Minister and Governor-General
D) House of Representatives and Senate
  • 7. Australia has the ________ voter turnout in the world, because it is __________ to vote in Australia
A) lowest, not required
B) lowest, mandatory
C) highest, not required
D) highest, mandatory
  • 8. Who selects the Governor-General of Australia?
A) Ministry
B) Parliament
C) The Prime Minister
D) Queen Elizabeth II
  • 9. Who is the most powerful person in the Australian government?
A) Queen
B) President
C) Prime Minister
D) Governor-General
  • 10. In Australia, each citizen has an understood right to vote, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and equal rights.
A) False
B) True
  • 11. Australia has one of the freest economies in the world because the government controls everything.
A) False
B) True
  • 12. The ______________ used a traditional form of economy in Australia where people farmed, hunted, and gathered their food.
A) Americans
B) British
C) Aborigines
D) Dutch
  • 13. What trade barrier did Australia have on Yugoslavia in 1998?
A) they never had a trade barrier with any country
B) a tariff
C) a quota
D) an embargo
  • 14. Which of these is NOT an example of Australia investing in human capital?
A) good health care system
B) building better highways
C) requiring children to attend school
D) skills training in the job force
  • 15. What type of economy does Australia have today?
A) Traditional Economy
B) Mixed Traditional Economy
C) Mixed Market Economy
D) Command Economy
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